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David Peaks

David Peaks

I am a photographer that loves to shoot action. I have been a wildlife photographer for many years and recently decided to become a sports photographer. I love sports and to be able to capture the height of the action and the expressions on the players faces. It's a work in progress. I hope to shoot many sporting events in the years to come.

Photos: Baseball – Ducks vs. Illinois State

The Oregon baseball team played the Illinois State Redbirds this past weekend.  I missed the first game, Thursday night, due to technical difficulties but shot the games played Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Oregon won 3 out of the 4 games.  All of the games I attended were more or less pitching duals, There were not a lot of hits in any of the three games.  The play was pretty clean with a limited number of errors.  There was one towering home run by Phil Craig St. Louis in game 3 Saturday.

Friday nights game was a challenge to photograph due to the heavy rain at times.  The rain never completely let up although it subsided at times.  There were only a few showers Sunday.  I was exploring different places to shoot the action and liked the first base line in the neighborhood of the on-deck circle.  Like any sport photography, it’s all about location and who steps in front of you while taking the photos.  It’s all good.  Hopefully, I come away with a few good photos.  It has been a while since I have shot sports so I’m getting back in the groove.  I’m keeping my arsenal down to one camera body and one lens and that seems to be working…especially easier when it rains.  The press box is a busy place during and after the games.


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