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How to Play Quality Casino Games Online for Free


Have you ever tried MyVegas? Or DoubleDown, or Zynga Casino, Big Fish or any other similar games? I have, and I have to say that they annoy the hell out of me. The games themselves are OK (although I could use much more variety), but that constant pestering about how I should share my progress, install another game (of their own, of course) or buy gazillions of coins in their special offer is driving me nuts. These games would be great if they didn’t come packed with all those reminders and incentives. Fortunately I found a solution to avoid that – and in a place you wouldn’t believe.

I’m constantly searching for my next favorite online slot machine. Slots are among the most popular casual games online, and I have to admit I love’em. Not enough to pay to play them, though – so I was always searching among the games I could play for free. Until I stumbled upon the Canadian Royal Vegas casino, a real money gaming outlet – and never left.

Real money gaming, you might ask? Weren’t you supposed to play free? Well, you are right – and I did.

The Royal Vegas casino is a real money online gaming operator offering its players a huge library of games. But it also has a play mode for those not ready to commit real money to gaming. It’s called Practice Mode, and it is designed for those who want to test drive Royal Vegas before digging in for real. Or who want to have some fun online, with no ads and in-app purchases – like myself. For the best online slots offerd by Royal Vegas, follow this link:

Getting started at the Royal Vegas is easy. All you need to do is register an account (using a valid email address). When you are ready, log on to the Royal Vegas and select “Practice mode” when asked. No matter which variant of the casino you choose – downloadable, browser-based or mobile – you will be able to access its complete game library without it costing you a dime.

Is it better than social casino suites? Well, it definitely is.

First of all, the variety of games is clearly superior. If an average social casino has just a dozen games to play with, and many of them you have to “unlock”, real money gaming destinations offer you access to hundreds of titles at once. Even on mobile, where their offer is somewhat limited, the number of games exceeds one hundred. The casino lobby has some banners telling you about the latest promotions, and the software reminds you from time to time that all your winnings are virtual (in a non-intrusive way), but otherwise your gaming will be uninterrupted – and a lot of fun.

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