The Bier Stein: Bottleshop And Pub


A beer hall is a large pub that specializes in beer, while creating a jovial and chaotic atmosphere with something fun for everyone to enjoy. Beer halls are typically found in Germany and can house a couple of hundred people at a time. Nestled in Eugene we have our very own beer hall with an array of bottles and beers on tap. The Bier Stein specializes in creating a unique atmosphere for not only beer connoisseurs to meet, but also families to dine.

The Bier Stein hosts over 30 evolving taps, and roughly 1,000 different bottles of beer from all around the world. Their goal is to create a unique space for fellow beer enthusiasts to enjoy one of the largest selections of beer in Oregon all under one roof.


There 30 evolving taps change almost daily based off what they have in stock. You can not only view this always changing list on their website, but it will also tell you how much of that beer is left on tap before you make the drive.

“We strive to be accessible and ensure we have something for everyone no matter their preference,” Said Aaron Brussat, Beer Steward, and Community Relations Manager.

In addition to their ever-growing and impressive selection of craft beer, they also pride themselves on ensuring all of their staff are trained as Beer Stewards. They are always available to help you choose the right beer for you based on your own personal preferences. The Servers and Bottle Stockers on staff have all received their Cicerone Server Certification. The Cicerone Certification Program certifies and educates beer professionals in order to elevate the beer experience for consumers.


“My goal here is to make sure that our staff continues to be educated and enthusiastic about beer, which will enrich our customers’ experiences on the other side of the glass,” said Brussat. “I look forward to more pairing dinners and other opportunities to showcase not only what our kitchen can produce, but the joy that comes from a perfect beer and food pairing. Otherwise we’ll keep doing what we do best: staying ahead of trends and having as much great beer as we can get our hands on.”

According to Brussat their IPA’s are the most popular in their store, given that 90% of the world’s hops are produced in Oregon and Washington. The Bier Stein is always striving to grow their selection with imported and classic beer, as well as the popular ciders, stouts, and IPA’s. In addition to keeping their shelves stocked with an ever expanding selection they also ensure each beer is served the way it is intended.

“Our belief is that beer tastes better out of its intended glass,” said Brussat. “We offer beer-specific glasses to create an authentic beer experience.”

On any given night you can walk into the Bier Stein and choose from their array of bottled beer in their wall of cases, or you can venture to the front counter and view their list of beers on tap. You can’t help but feel the sense of community that has been built in this beer hall not only from the employees who are always at the ready to help you, but also from the patrons sitting around enjoying the beer and food before them.


Jennifer Williams attended Junction City High School where she was the Editor of the Maroon and Gold school newspaper back in 2008. She spent time writing for the Tri-County Tribune a newspaper based in Lane County. Jennifer lives here in Eugene and enjoys touring local breweries, hiking the butte, and is an avid reader of the classics.

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