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NFL Draft 2031 – Hyundai Gets Clever

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I admit it, as much as I love football (thank you sons), I love a great commercial almost as much.  Now Hyundai is attempting to capitalize on the NFL Draft in a big way.  High production values, pro-talent and some irresistible tykes playing the role of superstar draft candidates perfectly.  Take a look:

Can you spot the real Pro cameos; “The swagger of a linebacker that you’ve gotta love…” Mike Mayock’s deadpan straight guy is a great foil for the kids.  The most interesting aspect of the video is the invitation at the end to send in a request for Mike to review your pro-in-training for a chance to be on what appears to be a continuing series of these tongue in cheek jabs at NFL hype.

A little aside here, the NFL Draft gives some gas to something else some of us casually enjoy.  Check out your favorite teams and their odds (Go Broncos) on the list of US betting sites.  Bet responsibly of course.  It’s for fun remember.

Yup, thank you KidSports!
Yup, thank you KidSports!

This would have been a no brainer when my boys played KidSports.  If you are thinking of submitting your little athlete for the Hyundai program, put a note in the comments, we’d like to hear how the process goes, oh, and good luck!

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