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Retired Astronaut Visits Science Class

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EUGENE, Ore. – Students at Shasta Middle School in Eugene got to shoot off rockets with retired astronaut Wendy Lawrence Friday morning.

It was all part of their 7th grade science lesson. They learned what makes a rocket fly and how to make it as light as possible. They made their rockets using straw, construction paper, scissors, and tape.

“They get a little bit of competitive juices going because they’ll see some of their classmates make it go really far,” Lawrence said. “That’s good, because it makes them think ‘why did my rocket not go as far?’”

“The first one I figured that we had too much clay, so we took off part of it and it started going farther which is good.”

The students were each given three or four launch attempts. Lawrence said the goal was for the students to learn cause and effect, and for them to have fun with math and science.

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