Brazen Thief Robs Sleeping Family

EUGENE, Ore. — Lane County deputies said a family in the River Road area was robbed in the middle of the night, while they slept.

The Hamner family said they usually feel safe inside their home on Hamilton Avenue, but Friday morning their safety was shattered when a man came into their home and ransacked it.

According to the family, the thief picked their deadbolt and made his way inside their home. The family said the thief went through their closets and medicine cabinet, rifled through every drawer in the kitchen and even took the time to eat a freshly baked pie sitting on the oven.

Fifteen year old Trevor Hamner said he woke up after the thief turned on the light in his bedroom and started looking through his drawers. Trevor noticed a gun in the man’s hand and pretended to be asleep, until he took a closer look at the weapon.

“I realized that’s my b.b. gun, my little airsoft gun…and it’s fake, unloaded. So I got up out of bed and I confronted him and I said what you are doing in my house, get out now. And I started yelling at the top of my lungs,” said Hamner.

Hamner said he then chased the man out of his house, stopping in his kitchen to grab a knife. The thief took off down the street with some stolen items, including keys to the family’s house and car.

The Hamners said the thief left behind some of his own possessions, including a backpack and knife. The LCSO has those items and said it is investigating the break in. 

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