Fire Officials Not Issuing Ban on Fireworks

EUGENE, Ore. — Fire officials are closely monitoring the weather conditions, with the Fourth of July less than two weeks away.

Fireworks officially go on sale Thursday in Oregon. This year, the Eugene Springfield Fire Department said as of right now, they’re not issuing any bans on where you can light them.

Deputy Fire Marshal Amy Linder said last year, they had a ban on all fireworks in the south hills of Eugene. She said they issued the ban because of hot weather, dry fuel conditions, and other wildfires burning in the state.

This year, she said they’re seeing slightly different conditions.

Linder said it’s important to use legal fireworks. She said any fireworks you purchase from a stand will be Oregon approved.

She also said to light them on a noncombustible surface like pavement or concrete and to have water nearby. Linder said it’s important to be considerate of your neighbors, because some people and animals may have a sensitivity to the noise. She said signs letting people know about the noise sensitively are available at McKenzie Animal Hospital, Wags Dog Emporium, the Veterinary Hospital, and the Ark Veterinary Clinic.

Linder said if you have any unmodified illegal or old fireworks you no longer want, you can drop them off at their Fire and EMS Headquarters on Chambers Street and W. 2nd Avenue this Saturday, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

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