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Springfield Man Arrested for Allegedly Setting House on Fire

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. – A man was arrested for arson just hours ago after allegedly lighting a Springfield home on fire, while he was in it.

It happened on the corner of J and Water streets, just after 1:30 A.M.

Police said they were called after multiple neighbors in the area heard glass breaking and loud yelling.

Officers said when they arrived 25-year-old Elliot Bloomquist was outside and flames were coming through a broken window.

The officer immediately tried putting it out with a fire extinguisher and called the fire department.

“At this point he admitted that he was at the residence and that he was involved in starting the fire and no one else was involved,” said Officer Bronson Durrant, with Springfield Police.

Fire crews had the fire out within two minutes.

They said there is a small amount of damage to the house but no one was hurt.

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