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New Business Goes Up at Old Marie Callender’s Location

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EUGENE, Ore. – A new two story building is being built where the old Marie Callendar’s restaurant used to sit on Valley River Drive.

Today, construction workers used a crane to put the frame of the building together.

The new owner said this location sat vacant for nearly two years after the building was ruined due to freezing weather. He said he bought the property in hopes of revitalizing the area but had some obstacles.

The location was only permitted to be a restaurant but after having the deed restrictions lifted the area will now lend to the economy with a few new businesses.

“Part of the excitement on the corner is that I wanted it to have other businesses that people would see as an invigorating corner here and a fun site with a cool building,” said Dr. Brad Chvatal, owner and orthodontists. “There’s going to be a restaurant that has already signed on board, we have some financial services, medical services as well as some other businesses that we’ve been talking to.”

Chavtal said the new building is scheduled to open in January of 2017.

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