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Northwest Christian University Continues to Break Enrollment Record

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EUGENE, Ore. – Classes began today at Northwest Christian University and the school has broken the enrollment record for the 10th year in a row.

Last year, there were 720 students enrolled and this year they have almost 800 students enrolled.

Students moved in on Saturday and attended orientation on Wednesday, where they met faculty and staff and learned about the various community service projects.

Laurie Salness, a sophomore, said she was able to talk to the head of the education department and talked about her educational goals.

“He and I had a 45 minute conversation talking about my personal education and how I wanted to proceed, what kinds of classes I wanted to take. I’m kind of changing some aspects of that and picking up some endorsements and he was able to really walk me through that.”

Kevin Kaelin, a junior said that students are able to get one-on-one attention from professors.

“Its super individual, you can actually talk to your professors, they’re not getting classes from someone who is taking their master’s and teaching for the professor. You actually get face to face,” said Kaelin.

The university said their fastest growing student population is the online students.

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