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June 2017

Roman Bath
Roman Bath | Photo by

When It’s Hot It’s Hot, But When It’s Not Brrrrr!

Turn the handle and it’s always there, until it isn’t. We do take it for granted, but where did the idea for the hot water heater come from. I’ll explain.

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Yellowstone Hot Spring | Image by

We’ve Worried About The “Big One,” But What About The Other “Super Big One?”

We’ve heard a lot of conversation about the “Big One,” the subduction earthquake that will eventually violently shake the Pacific Northwest. There is another even bigger disaster that could impact most of the Western United States. I’ll explain.

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Summer Solstice At Stonehenge | Photo by

It Seems Like We’ve Been Waiting Forever For It.

With all of the cloudy, rainy weather we have been experiencing most of us have been longing for a seasonal change. What does that really mean? I’ll explain.

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Blue Green Algae
Blue Green Algae Through Microscope | Image by

“Don’t Go Near The Water,” But Where?

With the summer weather ahead we should all be aware of areas with contaminated bodies of water. Health Advisories are issued and I’ll explain why and what they mean.

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