It May Seem Too Early, But It Really Isn’t.

Snow & Ice In Storm Drain
Snow And Ice Melting And Flowing Into Storm Drain | Photo by Tim Chuey

If you have been paying any attention at all to the weather forecasts I post on EDN I’m sure you noticed that late in the week I mentioned the downturn in temperatures and the winter weather advisories and winter storm warnings for the mountains and parts of eastern Oregon. Some people have indicated to me that they feel this is way to early in the season for this type of weather. That is not true.There have been many years in the past when winter-like weather occurred in early November.

Winter Snowstorm
Winter Snowstorm In Eugene | photo by Tim Chuey

The real point I want to make here is that we all need to be prepared for whatever “Mother Nature” throws at us even if we think it’s too early to see cold temperatures and mountain snow. The significant question is: “Are you ready for whatever type of weather comes our way?” That is my topic for this week.

NOAA Weather Radio
Various Kinds of Weather Radios | Image by

My major source if information is which starts by saying that you should stay informed. Having a weather radio that has an alarm mode that receives NOAA Weather Radio Alerts will let you know immediately when the National Weather Service issues a weather bulletin for your area. Watching local television newscasts and paying attention to the weather segment or keeping up with online weather updates will give you a head start when the weather makes a sudden change.

Emergency Alert System (EAS) | Image by

There are Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEAs) such as Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS), The Emergency Alert System (EAS) which is a “national public warning system that requires broadcasters, satellite digital audio service and direct broadcast satellite providers, cable television systems and wireless cable systems to provide the President with a communication capability to address the American people within 10 minutes during a national emergency.” The EAS can be activated both locally and nationally depending on the circumstances.

Electric Generator
Champion Electric Generator | Photo by generator

Next they suggest that you choose where you will take shelter if it becomes necessary. A winter storm can know out your power leaving you with no source of heat. You could also purchase a portable generator for minimal electrical power to keep warm, but you must learn how to use it properly. It would be a good idea to have a backup plan with a place to go, possibly the home of a friend or relative. If it is a widespread disaster you will need shelter that is farther away and in a place of safety.

For a detailed look at all of their recommendations go to to help keep you safe.

Pet Emergency Check List
Pet Emergency Check List | Image by

As with any kind of weather emergency or disaster you still should have emergency supplies of food, water, first aid kits, etc. If you have pets have at least a small supply of food for them and extra water above what you need so the pets have enough.

Tire Chains
Les Schwab Quick Fit® Tire Chains | Image by pop

Since the winter season is fast approaching we all should have our cars, trucks, etc. winterized and make sure the tires are in good shape. I have had great success with their “Quick Fit®” Diamond tire chains that work wonders for driving in the snow and they are really easy to put on.

Emergency Kit
Red Cross Emergency Kit | Image by

As I have mentioned in other articles, you can make your own survival kit or purchase one that is already stocked with what you will need. The American Red Cross has an online store where you can order the kind of kits I have discussed. If you want to check it out just go to and you can see the various emergency kits that are available.

There are many other possibilities for preparing for serious winter weather or disasters that you might find specific to your needs. Just follow the Boy Scouts of America motto and “Be Prepared.”

Let me know what you would like me to talk about or explain. You can comment below or email me at: [email protected].


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