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Register Guard News: Court sides with former Astoria principal in teacher misconduct case

ASTORIA — The Oregon Court of Appeals has reversed the state’s decision to revoke the license of a former principal because he failed to act…

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Register Guard News: Oregon postpones 2018 sport abalone season

SALEM — Oregon has postponed the 2018 recreational abalone season that was scheduled to open Jan. 1. The decision follows California’s closure of its 2018…

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Shelly Water Pipe

This beautiful pipe embodies a vase-like design and even comes with a faux-flower poker. Pro-tip: If you’re planning to give this a gift, pick up a real flower bouquet to compliment it as well.

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From Crémant to Cava to…Champagne. Sparkling Wines to Ring in the New Year!

Can you believe it? We are just days away from the year coming to a close and a fresh new one beginning. Such a great time to create a clean slate! Begin anew! And mix things up a little! I thought this New Year’s post should follow suit! While I love, love, LOVE creating sparkling […]

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Rick and Morty Dab Mat

Mr. Meeseeks is here to grant your every wish, and we know what you want the most right now is to get totally blazed. This dab mat is made with 1/4 inch padding to hold your glassware safely and soundly.

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This handy little odor destroying spray uses tea tree oil, which naturally and harmlessly breaks down unwanted aromas at the molecular level. Spray this for a quick freshen-up in any areas that you smoke in if you’re worried about the leftover scent.

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I Promise To…I Promise Not To…Awh, Forget It!

This is the time of the year when we mull over the past year and decide what we might do with the new year. Resolutions can be helpful if we really mean to accomplish them. When did the idea of New Year’s resolutions began? I’ll explain.

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Free the Forest

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Event date: February 10, 2018 Event Time: 09:00 AM – 12:00 PMLocation: Summit Ave. and Skyline Blvd.Eugene, OR 97403Description:Take an active role in sustaining Eugene’s lush, urban forests. Volunteers are needed for invasive species removal, trail ma…

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Stoner Sloths 2018 Wall Calendar

Start your year right with this calendar featuring dank-loving critters. If you’re frequently getting stoned and losing track of what day it is, then this calendar is for you. You’ll always have a stoner sloth friend right there to kindly remind you.

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