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Register Guard News: Oregon postpones 2018 sport abalone season" rel="bookmark">Register Guard News: Oregon postpones 2018 sport abalone season

SALEM — Oregon has postponed the 2018 recreational abalone season that was scheduled to open Jan. 1. The decision follows California’s closure of its 2018 abalone season because of concerns over the health of the population. Abalone stocks in California have fallen below target levels as environmental conditions have reduced …read more Read more here:: […]

Register Guard News: Court sides with former Astoria principal in teacher misconduct case" rel="bookmark">Register Guard News: Court sides with former Astoria principal in teacher misconduct case

ASTORIA — The Oregon Court of Appeals has reversed the state’s decision to revoke the license of a former principal because he failed to act on warnings of possible teacher misconduct in 2004. The sexual relationship between an Astoria High teacher and student didn’t come to light until nearly a …read more Read more here:: […]

I Promise To…I Promise Not To…Awh, Forget It!

This is the time of the year when we mull over the past year and decide what we might do with the new year. Resolutions can be helpful if we really mean to accomplish them. When did the idea of New Year’s resolutions began? I’ll explain.

Film Fanatic: ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Review

‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ is a different kind of Star Wars movie with compelling performances, exciting set pieces and an emotional ending.

My Favorite Christmas Hymn. Is It Your Favorite Too?

Stille Nacht

Each year at Christmastime I am inspired by the sweet strains of my favorite Christmas hymn Silent. I’ll take you back to when it was composed and remember two “Christmas miracles related to singing.

You Won’t Find This W.A.T.C.H. List At The Airport.


Christmas is a time for giving and, of course, children are uppermost in parent’s minds when it comes to giving presents. We all want to make sure those presents won’t cause harm to our precious little loved ones. There is a list of the most dangerous kids toys and I’ll show it to you.

Film Fanatic: ‘The Disaster Artist’ Review

‘The Disaster Artist’ is a smart satire about following one’s dreams no matter the cost or criticism.

It’s Just Not Christmas Without The Lights

It started out as a trip to see some Christmas lights and turned into…

What’s The Difference? It Can Be Important.


We have recently had some challenging weather conditions that prompted the National Weather Service to issues advisories for fog, dense fog, freezing fog, and frost. Do you know the differences among the various types of weather phenomena I have mentioned? I’ll explain.

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