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I Promise To…I Promise Not To…Awh, Forget It!

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How many times have you said that or heard someone else utter that statement? It is that time of the year when we are expected to make New Year’s resolutions.

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Just how sincere are we when we actually do come up with what we really want to accomplish in the new year? One of the biggest stumbling blocks to actually fulfilling the resolution is when it is just a general statement like “I want to be a better person,” I want to quit smoking,” or even ” I want to get a better job.” It is hard to fulfill a promise when it isn’t specific enough to give you a way to accomplish it. You need an actual plan of action with the goal at the end.

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I have always wondered when the idea of New Year’s Resolutions became a tradition so now is my chance to explore the question with you now. According to “The ancient Babylonians made promises to their gods at the start of each year, which began in mid-march, that they would return borrowed objects and pay their debts. March was a logical time period for the New Year because spring begins and crops are planted. But the Babylonians had a greater motivation to stick to their promises than what we have today, because for the ancient people of Mesopotamia, keeping their promise would would mean that their gods would bestow their grace on them throughout the course of the twelve months, and breaking them would put them out of favor.”

Julius Caesar
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According to an article in written by Laurie L. Dove ” By 46 B.C., Roman Emperor Julius Caesar had moved the first day of the year to Jan.1 in honor of the Roman god of beginnings, Janus, an idea that took some time to catch on. However, in 1582, Pope Gregory XIII brought the Jan. 1 New Year back in vogue with the Gregorian Calendar — a concept that persists today.”

Famous people are always asked to reveal their New Year’s Resolutions so I thought a look at a few of them might be at least mildly interesting. These are from US Weekly and they represent a group of today’s younger celebrities.

Nick Jonas
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Nick Jonas, of the Jonas Brothers is quoted a replying “My New Year’s resolution is to basically repeat my resolution from last year, which was to take more time off, go see the world, travel and have some great experiences, so that you can be inspired to get back to work.”

Andy Grammer
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Andy Grammar says “Be more vulnerable with people in the moment.”

Alfonso Ribeiro
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Alfonso Ribeiro repeats “I’m probably going too make the same New Year’s resolution that I always make, which is love my wife to the fullest every day.”

Nick Lachey
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According to Nick Lachey “My New Year’s resolution is to take better care of myself, eat better and drink less.”

Jennie Garth
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Jennie Garth replied ” To just keep up all the work that I have been doing lately. I’ve recently delved into self care, and I think that continuing on that self care, self love path is the way to go.”

Melissa Joan Hart
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Melissa Joan Hart says ” My New Year’s resolution is probably going to be to put down my phone more and pay attention to my boys.”

From what I could glean from the various sources I searched it seems most feel that New Year’s resolutions are more for the younger set rather than those of us who are older. It seems the longer you live the more comfortable you should be in your skin and therefore not really need to make any major changes. For many of us we will be grateful to be alive in the new year and make the best of it. Feel free to share your New Year’s resolutions as comments at the end of this article.

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