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Brewing Coffee with the Java Maestro Pour Over Coffee Dripper

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This month I’ve been playing with my latest coffee brewer. It is a stainless steel pour-over coffee filter made by Java Maestro. What makes this particular pour over coffee brewer interesting is it doesn’t require a paper filter. The dripper is the filter.

There are two benefits of not needing a paper filter. The first is economical. Not having to buy filters ever is one less expense. The second benefit of not having a paper filter is you get all the oils from coffee in the cup. This gives the coffee a richness that is sometimes sacrificed with paper filtered coffee.

However, the benefit of paper filters is they keep all the coffee grounds out of the cup, which results in a cleaner cup of coffee. The Java Maestro Pour Over Coffee Dripper does such an excellent job with filtering that not only does it make a rich cup of coffee, but a clean one as well….

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