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Camping Showdown: Steeped Coffee vs The Bripe Coffee Pipe

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Recently, I received two new coffee brewing items in the mail to review. Both brewing methods seemed like they might be candidates for a camping trip or other trips where one needs to make coffee without electricity.

Steeped Coffee is an idea that I’m surprised hasn’t happened before. Steeping coffee in a tea bag. If someone else had tried this before and was successful, it didn’t make in on my radar. With Steeped Coffee, all you need is a mug and some hot water. If you really want to reduce your backpacking load, I don’t think you can get lighter than this.

Steeped Coffee

Steeped Coffee – California Blend

The Bripe is the most bizarre yet intriguing coffee brewer I have ever seen. It is a pipe where you sip the coffee out of a metal straw. The coffee is brewed by heating the base with a portable blue-flame torch. At first glance, the act of brewing and consuming coffee from the Bripe almost looks illegal….

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