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Make Cold Brew Coffee Quickly with the Gourmia Automatic Cold Brewer

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In several tutorials here on INeedCoffee, we show you how easy it is to make cold brew coffee at home. Soak coffee grounds in water for 12-36 hours, filter, and you’re done. The only step left is to chill the finished brew. So what makes one cold brewer better than the next? Volume, the quality of the filter, how easy it is to clean up, and how good it looks on your counter. That was it. Until now.

Gourmia came in and solved the one variable everyone else took for granted: The Wait. Why must we wait 12-36 hours for cold brew coffee? Does it have to take so long? Can we speed up the process?

The reason we wait so many hours for cold brewed coffee is that the coffee grounds are just sitting in motionless water, slowly releasing their flavor. Very slowly. What if throughout the brew cycle the water gently agitated the coffee grounds to accelerate the release of flavor? You could reduce the brew time.

This is what the Automatic Cold Brewer by Gourmia does….

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