UO Senate denounces white supremacy and creates group to teach students about racism

The university senate on Wednesday voted unanimously to support the student collective’s second resolution — to denounce white supremacy on campus and to create a task force to educate students on UO’s history. The task force will also propose modifications to white nationalist monuments on campus.

They did not state specific monuments that will be modified.

The resolution comes after a white nationalist group came to campus last April. The resolution aims to recognize that groups like these pose a threat to students.

“It’s nice to have it behind us and to have a very strong statement denouncing white supremacy,” Senate President Chris Sinclair said.

The proposed task force will be comprised of President Schil, Senate President Chris Sinclair and student leaders.

The resolution was presented to the Senate on Wednesday for the second time after being revised by the Senate Executive Committee. The Committee wrote a letter to the Senate with proposed changes following the feedback from the previous senate meeting.

This resolution came from a larger list of resolutions from the student collective, following the member’s student conduct charges for protesting president Schill’s “State of The University” speech on Oct. 6. The resolution was split into two separate resolutions on Nov. 29 on the floor of the Senate following a motion by Senator Keith Frazee.

The first resolution was passed at the Senate meeting on Nov. 29, declaring the Senate’s support of the student collective as they navigated their student conduct charges.

The second resolution was first brought to the Senate on Jan. 17 by graduate student Arian Mobasser and was sent to the Senate Executive Committee for revisions.

“The resolution is just the beginning,” Mobasser, a graduate student, said.

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