Emerald Recommends: Anti-Valentine’s Day Songs

Valentine’s Day is a weird holiday. For those in happy and healthy relationships, it’s often enjoyable. For the many people who aren’t, the gushy festivities can feel a little unnecessary. Here’s a playlist for the different types of people who may feel left out this year — whatever the reason may be.

Too Much Love” – LCD Soundsystem

“Too Much Love,” a track off of LCD Soundsystem’s self-titled debut, stands in solidarity with those put off by the numerous displays of affection that can be witnessed all throughout Valentine’s Day. Vocalist James Murphy may not be referencing the specific holiday, but his lyrics can still apply. “What will you say when the day comes / When it’s no fun,” he sings over the track’s minimalist, dance beat. The song’s extended, instrumental outro provides something nice to fall back into. Getting lost in this track’s hypnotic production will certainly help in forgetting what day it is.

Nan” – Ween

At first, this track off of Ween’s official debut LP seems pretty mean-spirited. Upon closer inspection, it’s just a little sad. Vocalist Gene Ween sings from the perspective of someone who is completely ignored by the one that they love, and probably on the verge of a breakdown. The song alternates between inappropriate outbursts and pleading confessions of love. “I hate you, you fucker,” he sings near the end, as it sounds like he’s holding back tears. Ween’s typical, over-the-top antics can hopefully act as a distraction for those who find the lyrics either too real or too pathetic.

I Don’t Love Anyone” – Belle & Sebastian

“I Don’t Love Anyone” isn’t a sad story of unrequited love; it’s simply a carefree statement. This track is for anyone who is completely indifferent by the time Valentine’s Day rolls around. Sometimes romantic feelings are hard to come by, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Belle & Sebastian, in fact, seem to celebrate it. This classic indie pop track is great for those who are content with being alone — at least for a little while.

Kanga Roo” – Big Star

“Kanga Roo,” an unconventional ballad off of Big Star’s “Third,” is both incredibly sad and hauntingly beautiful. Its lyrics are intentionally vague, giving fragmented details of an obscured relationship. It’s hard to make out the specifics, but the song’s swirling instrumental, along with member Alex Chilton’s downcast vocals, hint at anything from melancholia to heartbreak. The experimental production on this track offers a lot to enjoy, but those particularly inclined towards gloomy feelings around Valentine’s Day should probably avoid repeat listens.

Anthrax” – Gang of Four

“Anthrax” — the closing track on Gang of Four’s seminal debut “Entertainment!” — is a biting antithesis to everything Valentine’s Day represents. After starting with a loud, feedback-driven guitar, it delves into a disorienting mix of vocals and a spoken-word monologue, layered on top of each other. “Love will get you like a case of anthrax / And that’s something I don’t want to catch,” frontman Jon King sings repeatedly. For those who feel somewhat disillusioned during this holiday, Gang of Four’s post-punk classic is a good way to go.

And a few others:

Happy Valentine’s Day” – OutKast

The World Has Turned And Left Me Here” – Weezer

Add It Up” – Violent Femmes

Chamber of Reflection” – Mac DeMarco

No Scrubs” – TLC

Listen to the full playlist here:

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