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The Double Bourbon Iced Coffee Recipe

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Alcoholic drinks with coffee are a kind of oxymoron of sorts. At first, your heart starts pumping, and you feel fresh with energy, ready for the day or the moment ahead, but almost immediately, there is a calm need to relax. Your body says, take a seat buddy, put your legs up, and enjoy another sip.

The Double Bourbon Iced Coffee is no different in those regards.This drink combines three of my favorite things, cold brew, stout beer, and bourbon. It’s the perfect combination of sweet coffee and bourbon with the slight bitterness of the stout. Best of all nobody will know you have this brunch trick up your sleeve for those who prefer coffee to a bloody mary or a mimosa.

Double Bourbon Cold Brew Coffee

Ice cold and creamy with that smooth bourbon undertone, this drink will have you yearning for more. So go ahead, double the recipe while you’re at it, and share with some friends or family…

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