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Cleaning Your Burr Grinder

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“I have a confession to make. I’ve had my coffee grinder for 10 years…and never once have I cleaned it.” – Someone you might know.

I think the idea of regularly cleaning your coffee grinder – or even any coffee machine equipment – is not something most home brewers consider. It seems alright. You only use it for coffee right? And you purge the grinder whenever you switch coffees, so that’s fine, right?

You will probably be disgusted, then, to find all of the oils, chaff, and random coffee grounds stuck in places in your grinder that you didn’t even consider. This stuff inevitably builds over time. Whether you think you can’t tell or not is somewhat irrelevant. You’ve got old organic matter caking itself to parts of a machine you think is helping you make the freshest coffee possible.

The good news is that cleaning your coffee grinder can be a relatively simple task. In this guide, I’m going to show you how to do a pretty thorough and regular cleaning of your electric burr coffee grinder, which will only take you 5-10 minutes once you get the hang of it….

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