Can CBD Benefit My Dog?


can dogs use cbd

Cannabis can benefit our four-legged friends.

The results are in.

All types of people are taking advantage of the health benefits of cannabis.

You yourself might be someone who’s personally benefitting from medicinal marijuana, or perhaps you know someone who has.

Well, there’s a new and growing demographic who are experiencing the health benefits of cannabis, and I want to highlight them in this article.

Who are they, you might be wondering? Here are a few hints:

  • They come in different sizes and colors
  • They are born with 4 legs and a tail
  • They’re often referred to as Man’s Best Friend

Yes, we’re talking about dogs.

More and more pet owners are using cannabis to improve the health of their dogs. Whether they’re a German Shepherd, Poodle, or Yorkshire Terrier, all types of breeds are seeing amazing health improvements with cannabis.

The main ingredient in the cannabis supplements for pets is cannabidiol (CBD).

The CBD that is used in some of the more popular pet products is sourced from Industrial Hemp, so it contains very low levels of THC.

There is a long list of CBD benefits for dogs, cats and other pets, and I’m going to cover some of the main ones right now.

Many of these benefits are referenced in various studies, and there are tons of pet testimonials out there from pet owners who are thrilled with some of the results they’re seeing.

cbd for dogs

These are the main benefits of CBD for all types of dogs:

This quick list covers some of the main areas where CBD can be beneficial for dogs.

So if you’re a pet owner, and your dog for example, is suffering from something that pertains to this list, it’s worth researching more about CBD.

is it safe for dogs to take cbd

CBD Can Help Reduce Pain and Inflammation So Your Dog Can Regain His Mobility

The number 1 benefit on our list is pain and inflammation.

This is quite a broad category in the dog world. There are countless breeds which have common ailments which are made worse by inflammation.

Many dogs suffer from hip dysplasia, arthritis, legg-perthes disease, various cancers, and so on. Each of these conditions can be painful for a dog, and each is made worse by inflammation.

Many dogs are obese these days, and joint pain due to inflammation greatly reduces their chances of becoming more active and losing weight.

For these various reasons, one of the most beneficial aspects of CBD for dogs is its anti-inflammatory properties, which produce no side effects. Remember, side effects can be a huge problem with pain medication for humans as well as for dogs.

There are many different studies which show that CBD can reduce inflammation and pain all over your pet’s body. Project CBD is a good website to access references to many of these CBD studies.

Also, there are countless testimonials from pet owners which explain that dogs who were immobile began walking and running again after supplementing with CBD. It’s pretty amazing to hear.


CBD May Help Reduce Stress and Anxiety So Your Dog Can Be Comfortable Home Alone


Separation anxiety is a big problem for certain dogs.

Some breeds like Golden Retrievers and Great Danes are more prone to this, however, all types of dogs can suffer from some form of stress or anxiety.

A simple fireworks show or thunderstorm can ruin a dog’s afternoon, and it’s actually quite sad for the owner to witness.

The good news however, is that CBD is believed to actually help produce anti-anxiety effects and help control anxiety and stress. Many dogs may exhibit obsessive behaviours due to stress or anxiety, and CBD is believed to help with these.

Although it is not 100% clear, researchers believe that CBD can help with your dog’s serotonin levels, which can reduce fear, stress, and anxiety.

Again, CBD can potentially help in this area while producing no side effects. Side effects from pain medication can be quite bad, and they can also be bad with anti-anxiety medication.


CBD Has Been Shown to Greatly Reduce the Frequency of Seizures

The benefits of cannabis for seizures in humans is pretty well documented.

Dogs, just like humans, have an endocannabinoid system, and therefore can sometimes respond to certain supplements and medications the same way human’s do.

When someone, or in this case your pet has a seizure, there are neutrons in their brain which are not firing normally.

The good news is there is a lot of evidence that concludes that CBD may have anti-convulsant properties. By positively affecting certain receptors in the brain, CBD is believed to help reduce these rapid firings of neurons, leading to less severe and frequent seizures for your pup.


Dogs Suffering from Cancer May Benefit from CBD

CBD is certainly not a cure for cancer.

Although the research is still in its early stages, some of the results look promising.

Along with cancer in dogs comes other things like chemotherapy, and various symptoms like pain, inflammation, and nausea.

So it’s becoming clear that the bad symptoms associated with cancer in dogs may be helped by CBD. Many pet owners have reported that their dogs lost their appetite from cancer, but that it returned through the use of CBD.

With cancer also comes the potential for a growth of bad cells. CBD research has shown its ability to help fight off the growth of more bad cancer cells, and the spread of tumors.

There’s a chance that dogs with cancer will be in pain, or may lose their appetite. CBD is believed to help with both of these cases.


The Reviews are Real: Pet Owners are Happy to Have Found CBD


When you hear about a dog who has regained his ability to walk, or a pup that has completely eliminated seizures, it’s quite touching.

When you discover that success stories like this all come from consuming a natural product like CBD, you may want to start sharing this information as well.

But at the very least, if you have a pet who’s a bit under the weather, consider trying CBD. It’s safe to use, and the verdict is in: It’s worth a shot!



Blake is the webmaster at where he shares his experiences with using CBD on his own dogs, and researches various topics in regards to pet health and cannabis products.

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