Kruve Coffee Sifter Review and Video Tutorial


So you have upgraded your beans, your grinder, and maybe a dozen other things in search of the perfect cup of coffee. But if you quest for more, the Kruve Coffee Sifter may be for you, as it promises to take your grind to the next level by giving you only the particle size you desire. Kruve’s motto is “Many Have Tried To Perfect The Grinder. We Perfected The Grind.” Let’s take a closer look at how it works.

The Kruve system works by taking the coffee you have ground and sifting it through two sizes of sieves. The oversized and undersized particles are trapped, giving you a specific, narrow range of coffee particle sizes suitable for the type of coffee you are brewing. Otherwise, you may end up with over extraction or under extraction, often causing a bitter or weak cup of coffee.

Kruve believes sifting to a narrow range of coffee particle size is an important step in getting the best cup of coffee, and is finally available to…

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