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Roast Oolong Tea at Home

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A tea that many coffee drinkers like is roasted oolong. It shares some similar characteristics with coffee, such as nuttiness with a rich body. And just like coffee, how long the tea is roasted will greatly influence its taste. Last year I decided to experiment with roasting my own oolong tea. After all, I’ve been home roasting coffee since 1998.

Why not roast tea as well?

Before we dive into the roasting, let me cover what oolong tea is for those that might only be familiar with green and black teas. A simple definition is that green tea is a tea that has not been oxidized (0%), whereas black tea is a tea that has been fully oxidized (100%). Oolong tea represents the middle ground, otherwise known as semi-oxidized tea. The Tea Processing page on the Wikipedia states…

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