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REVIEW: Fitness with Fatties

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If you love to smoke weed -and we know you do! -, and you love a good giggle, then have we got a book for you! As an accomplished international smoker, Lisa Marie has put her years of extracurricular experience into this tongue in cheek guide, Fitness with Fatties.

Fully illustrated with cartoons by Deke, and other charming images, like these super stoners  –                                                                              

Fitness with Fatties is guaranteed to brighten your day, whether you actually read the words or just sit back and admire the rich red cover adorned with everyone’s favorite leaf. The multi functionality of this bestseller is astounding: the matte cover and size of the book have been precisely calculated to make for the best possible rolling surface, even the color was meticulously chosen in order to contrast perfectly with your mix- no crumb left unrolled here, baby!

In addition to that, we all know someone who could use a little less time spent munching and not moving, and giving the gift of Fitness with Fatties is a tactful way to finally say “Yo, you’re getting way too fat, man” without actually having to say it!  Now that’s how you keep friends, my fiend!

Lisa Marie hails from Canada, a country that has their shit together so much that legalization is happening as we speak. In her quest to keep the people healthily high and balanced, she has cut a deal with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that once she hits 420,000 copies sold, Fitness with Fatties will be offered as a free program nationwide.  (Contact Lisa Marie directly if you are interested in being an instructor).

This is big bang for your buck folks! A smokers’ delight for sure- enjoy!


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