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Stone Fruit Panzanella

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52 weeks of cooking – Stone Fruit

What makes a salad a salad?

Almost anything could be described as a salad, I like to say that a salad must contains mayo, think about it… potato salad, tuna salad, egg salad. Those all typically have mayo, but that would mean that a salad salad is lettuce tossed in mayo, completely slathered and stirred together, yuck. Let’s not go there, let’s say a salad is a medley of things mixed together, typically small pieces of vegetables.

There for a panzanella can be classified as a bread salad, cubed or torn bread and an assortment of cooked or raw vegetables dressed with a light vinaigrette. If the bread is a little dry it soaks up the dressing better, I toast mine in the oven just to dry the outsides.

I changed up my panzanella and added stone fruit to it, nectarines and pitted cherries, they really hit the spot for me. I like sweet and savory together, fruit with vegetables and a tart vinaigrette to tie everything together, plus the bread soaks up all the juices that could be potentially wasted.


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