Vinho Verde is Your Next Summer Wine Obsession


Vinho Verde is the largest wine region in Portugal and with 2,000 years of wine-making on the books, one of the oldest The vibrant, zippy white wines they produce have become wildly popular within the wine industry, and have gained a cult like following in recent years. However, so many are still unfamiliar with this perfect summer wine.

Vinho Verde, pronounced veeng-yo vaird, is the name of the region, not the grape. The wines are a blend of varietals native to the area. The wines of Vinho Verde are young wines (not “green” as the name verde would suggest), released 3-6 months after harvest, not allowed to age. They are unique, fresh, food-friendly, and bursting with citrus fruit flavors. This style makes for an especially refreshing summer sipper.

I recently found it to be the perfect wine for a summery picnic, paired with a variety of nibbles.

While Vinho Verde can be enjoyed on its own, and is lovely as a standalone sipper…

…this wine is meant to be paired with food.

In Northern Portugal, where this wine is produced, it is often paired with salty seafood and cheeses. Our picnic of canned sardines, olives, hard and soft cheeses, fresh fruit, and water crackers was a beautiful accompaniment to the cold, citrusy white Vinho Verde we brought along.

To read more about Vinho Verde, the wine and the region, head here, and discover your new summer wine obsession.

This post was fueled (and sponsored) by Vinho Verde wines, All opinions are my own.

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