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Where to Smoke Weed in San Francisco

San Francisco’s cannabis lounges are a highlight if you’re a cannabis tourist. All medical marijuana patients are cannabis tourists. Cannabis tourism can mean a variety of things. It can refer to a cannabis-centric grown-up trip to the Cannabis Cup, or it can refer to a simple, family vacation that includes access to medical marijuana. If a medical marijuana patient can’t obtain their medicine at a location, they often can’t visit.

Sometimes, even when medical marijuana patients are able to obtain meds, they still can’t find a safe place to smoke or vape cannabis while traveling.

I recently took a cannabis family vacation to California. Thanks to California’s glorious recreational laws, ample meds are available, however, public smoking is not allowed. Most hotels are non-smoking locations. Fortunately, in the city of San Francisco, there are many places where you can legally smoke or vape cannabis, in the form of cannabis lounges.

I recently reviewed over a half dozen of San Francisco’s cannabis lounges. Here are all the details and some of my faves!

Try the Volcano Vaporizer at Sparc's cannabis lounge in San Francisco.
Try the Volcano Vaporizer at Sparc’s cannabis lounge in San Francisco.

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About Cannabis Lounges in San Francisco

Vaping is allowed in all cannabis lounges. Only some cannabis lounges allow smoking. Cannabis lounges must obtain a permit for onsite consumption. An open flame permit must also be obtained to allow smoking. There are regulations governing the filtration systems installed in San Francisco’s cannabis lounges.

All of the cannabis lounges listed are also dispensaries. Some of them require a purchase in order to use the lounge Others allow you to bring your own weed to smoke or vape as you please.

Some lounges require you to sign a membership agreement and/or release.

Many lounges offer dab rigs, bongs, rolling trays, or volcano vaporizers to help you consume cannabis.


Cannabis Lounge Directory – San Francisco, CA

Urban Pharm

122 10th St, San Francisco, CA 94103

Impression: My favorite. I could live here.

Website: Urban Pharm

urban pharm 2 cannabis lounge cannabis tourism
The outside of Urban Pharm’s cannabis lounge in San Francisco.

Steampunk & super cozy. My first trip to Urban Pharm was so enjoyable I returned for a second and third…yes, even though I was visiting nearly every other cannabis lounge in San Francisco. I loved Urban Pharm that much. Maybe because it’s the spot of my first real dab, from Teagen at Urban Pham’s dab bar.

I’d vaped concentrates before but I’d never dabbed from a rig. Teagen offered tons of gentle guidance and didn’t abandon me when it took eons to finish my dab.

Urban Pharm happened to be holding “comedy night” when I stopped by. Catch it if you can; it’s highly entertaining.

Unfortunately, due to new regulations starting July 1, 2018, cannabis lounges are no longer able to sell individual dabs, however, you can purchase a concentrate from the dispensary and use it at the dab bar.

urban pharm cannabis lounge san francisco dab bar
The Dab Bar at Urban Pharm in San Francisco. (Note: Cannabis Lounges are no longer to sell by the dab.)


sparc – SF

1256 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA

Impression: Zen – Minimalist, Sleek – this could be my happy place. 

Website: sparc

The Exterior of Sparc cannabis lounge in san francisco

My second favorite place was Sparc Patient Collective. Their Mission Street cannabis lounge is located in a wide airy space with high ceilings and tons of gorgeous natural light. It smells amazing.

Sparc quickly became one of my favorite lounges with its zen-esque vibe. I purchased a gram of Cherry A- 47 and I was fortunate enough to have Jeremy teach me how to use the volcano vaporizer. Jeremy was a joy, if you need a volcano tutorial, I highly recommend a visit. If my trip was a grownup trip, I could have spent hours in the sparc cannabis lounge working on my laptop and happily vaping.

Clients can use their own vapes or borrow a kit to use Sparc’s volcanoes. Leave your ID at the front desk for a kit. Sparc also features “smoking hour”. On Friday to Sunday, you can smoke cannabis after 4:20 pm in Sparc’s Mission Street cannabis lounge.

There’s no purchase required but you do have to agree to house rules and sign the membership agreement. Only the Mission Street sparc has a cannabis lounge.

Sparc Cannabis Lounge in San Francisco.
The interior of Sparc’s Cannabis Lounge in San Francisco.


Barbary Coast

Impression: Luxurious Sports Bar Vibe

952 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94103

barbary coast cannabis lounge outisde
The outside of Barbary Coast Cannabis Lounge in San Francisco.

Barbary Coast is rich and luxurious filled with leather and deep wood, it’s a gorgeous space with a sports bar sorta feel. Barbary Coast offers cozy booths that could make a nice cannabis date spot. Go here if you’re looking for a secluded nook to tuck away and smoke or vape.

I had a lovely visit with Nate who was manning the dab bar. Again, dabs are not sold at the dab bar, but you can purchase concentrates and carry them over to the rigs to use. Be prepared to sign a waiver. The budtender explained, “you have to sign a release that says if you noodle it’s not our fault.”

Barbary Coast Cannabis Lounge San Francisco
The inside of the Barbary Coast Cannabis Lounge in San Francisco.


Harvest on Geary

4811 Geary Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94118

Impression: Ultra Lux – Leather and Chandeliers

harvest on geary outside cannabis lounge
The outside of Harvest on Geary, a cannabis lounge in San Francisco.

Harvest on Geary offers an ultra-luxurious industrial chick cannabis lounge. The lounge features free wifi, outlets, and water. It’s an elegant space where clients can smoke or vape cannabis.

There’s no time limit or purchase required but you must become a member which may involve a $20.00 membership fee (but that also get’s you a 5% discount on purchases.)

Harvest does not have vapes available, but they do have rigs to loan out. Only the Geary location of Harvest has a cannabis lounge.

harvest on geary cannabis lounge
The inside of Harvest on Geary a cannabis lounge in San Francisco.


The Bloom Room – Vapor Only

471 Jessie St, San Francisco, CA 94103

Impression: Your friendly local lounge spot.

The outside of the cannabis lounge, The Bloom Room, in San Francisco
The outside of the cannabis lounge, The Bloom Room, in San Francisco

The Bloom Room was the most cheerful dispensary I’ve visited and it was filled with friendly locals. The decor is a bright and cheerful. Surf music plays and a dog water bowl sets by the front door. A big black lab enters and who’s clearly familiar. He heads straight to the bowl for a giant gulp. The Bloom Room is small, but it’s a great spot place to stop by for a quick vape.

Melissa checked me in and explained the house rules. No purchase is required to use the lounge at The Bloom Room, Clients can use a personal vape or use The Bloom Room’s volcano vaporizers. Melissa explained this model, “gives people a safe space” to use cannabis. The bloom room offers a TV and complimentary water. Clients have a 30-minute time limit.

The inside of the cannabis lounge, The Bloom Room, in San Francisco
The inside of the cannabis lounge, The Bloom Room, in San Francisco


Re-Leaf Herbal Cooperative

1284 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94103

Impression: A quick stop. 

The outside of the cannabis lounge, Re-Leaf Herbal Cooperative, in San Francisco

Re-Leaf Herbal Cooperative offers a small smoking lounge and vape lounge for customers only. No tobacco allowed and there are outlets available.  They used to have a dab bar but new regulations don’t allow it. If you want to dab in their lounge, you can, but you’ll have to bring your own rig or vape.


The Green Door

843 Howard St, San Francisco, CA 94103

Impression: Could be a fun place to smoke (when it’s open). 

The Green Door Lounge was closed during my cannabis trip. During my tour of San Francisco, I heard several locals rave about The Green Door Lounge. I stopped by and chatted with the Director of Operations, A.G. Melendez, who explained due to the new regulations they had to apply for a new permit.

There’s no ETA on the opening but when it does open, the lounge features a TV, pool table, and Pub Tables. The Green Door hosts local organization meetings and holds events.

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