Why a Weed Grinder is an Absolute Necessity


why you need a weed grinder

This is Why You Need a Weed Grinder

In order to burn equally, cannabis flower must be adequately broken up. improperly ground weed will not burn or vape evenly. A weed grinder is a necessary accessory that acts as a shredder to break down your herb to its finest form.

Without a weed grinder, smokers break down their herb with their fingers. The problem is, herbs often sticky and covered with potent trichomes. The trichomes stick to your fingers reducing the potency of the broken down herb. It’s a messy and wasteful process of smoking, and if you were smoking with a group of people many of them wouldn’t want you picking with your nails on what they were going to be smoking.

There are many benefits to using a grinder. One such is it helps speed up and simplify the process of separating your herb. In addition, a weed grinder makes it easier to conserve herb by finely grinding it up for even burning or vaping.

When herb is ground efficiently, it can be packed more densely into a bowl or rolling paper. It’s also important to note that when the herb is exposed to less oxygen, it will burn less, so when you inhale you’ll (in theory) be getting more cannabinoids and less smoke.

A grinder is also a great tool to store your herb since you don’t necessarily have to smoke all your herb once it is ground up.

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How Grinders are Manufactured


It’s important to understand the anatomy of a grinder before making a purchase, so we’re going to list some key points to educate you on grinders.

  • Made of either plastic or metal
  • Consist of at least 2 interlocking pieces known as the upper and lower chambers
  • The upper chamber contains teeth that grind up herb
  • The lower chamber is where the grounded up herb falls into
  • The amount and shape of the teeth vary by brand

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Many grinders have more than 2-chambers. In fact, there are grinders available with up to 5 chambers, however the most popular is the 4-chamber grinder. This style grinder usually consists of an upper chamber, a lower chamber, a mesh screen/pollen chamber, and a collection chamber where your ground up herb falls into. The addition of the mesh screen filters your herb 1 more time before falling into the collection chamber where it’s ready to be scraped and packed into your bowl.

If you enjoy rolling papers rather than smoking from a water pipe, it may be in your best interest to use a 2-chamber grinder. If your herb is ground thoroughly it’ll be tough to fill your RAW or Backwoods papers, however, a 2-chamber grinder will break down your herb just enough so that you can fill your papers with ease and still enjoy the benefits of using a grinder.

purple elephant weed grinder

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Grinders are available in many sizes. The most common are 40mm, 50mm, 55mm, 63mm, and 100mm. The size of the grinder will not affect its function. Size is an important factor when needing to decide how much herb you’d like to grind at once. If you enjoy smoking by yourself it may be a good option to stick with a 40mm grinder, alternatively, if you enjoy smoke seshes with friends, a 63mm or 100mm grinder is ideal because you are able to pack a large amount of herb into your grinder. Worst-case scenario, if you grind too much herb you can keep it stored in your grinders collection chamber for later use.

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It’s important to understand that when purchasing a grinder, you don’t necessarily have to spend $100. There are many affordable high-quality grinders available under $40, however, it all comes down to personal preference. If you’re looking to support the USA made grinders, then your best bet is to go with a Santa Cruz Shredder. These grinders are more expensive, but you’re definitely going to receive a high quality and durable grinder. If taken care of, a Santa Cruz Shredder can last for up to 5 years.  In addition, your supporting a USA company by purchasing one of their items.

santa cruz shredder - great weed grinder

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Novelty Grinders

While Santa Cruz Shredder and SharpStone are some of the most well-known grinder brands, novelty grinders are gaining more popularity. A novelty grinder is a grinder that is themed after a television show or movie character. Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z, Rick and Morty herb grinders, and Star Wars are some popular novelty style grinders that have been seen. These grinders are conversation pieces and bring some fun to your sesh without sacrificing the quality. For the most part, novelty grinders are 40mm and consist of 3-chambers.

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