Best 10 Glass Bubbler Pipes For Sale


What Is A Bubbler

A bubbler is a device used for smoking cannabis or marijuana concentrates.

A bubbler is like a mini bong. It’s a handheld marijuana pipe, usually made from glass, that uses water to filter the smoke.

Learn more about the methods of cannabis administration.

Bubblers can be simple or complex in design. They’re significantly smaller than a bong.

translucent best bubbler

How Bubblers Are Built

Bubblers are most often made from glass. They feature a bowl to holds the ground cannabis, the bowl usually has a carb hole on the side.  This hole is covered during suction.  A water chamber sits directly beneath the bowl and is connected to the mouthpiece by a draw tube.

Bubblers Can Function as a Water Pipe or an Ordinary Bowl

Bubblers can function as a handheld pipe or bowl, but bubblers can also function as a water pipe because they have a large chamber that can be filled with water. Similar to a bong, bubblers allow you to use water to filter the smoke, allowing for a cleaner hit.

Bubblers contain different style percolators. Peculators determine the way the smoke is diffused as it travels from the bowl into the water.

dauntless bubbler

How to use a bubbler

  • Fill the chamber with fresh clean water.
  • Fill the bowl with fresh cannabis.
  • Cover the carb hole with your finger, and light the herb while gently sucking in through the mouthpiece.
  • The water will bubble.
  • When the chamber is filled with smoke, remove your finger from the carb hole and inhale the freshly cleaned hit.

Why use water for smoking cannabis?

Water can cool the heat from the smoke and filter out some of the carcinogenic particles.

If you want to avoid all carcinogens, switch to a vaporizer or try making your own cannabis edibles.

Benefits of Bubblers

  • Bubbler marijuana pipes are portable.
  • Bubbler pipes for weed are easier to clean than a bong.
  • Bubbler pipes for cannabis offer water filtration without the bulk of a bong.
  • Bubbler weed pipes are usually less expensive than a bong.

Tips for using a bubbler:

Weed bubblers hit more like a pipe than a bong.

Don’t overfill with water, you want the water line to be just above the diffuser, or where the downstream connects to the water chamber.

Pull slowly or you might suck up some water.  Sherlock weed bubblers, with a long, down-angled draw tube, are sometimes easier to use than hammer style bubblers.

Cons of the bubbler:

  • They get dirty quick
  • They’re easy to spill.
  • Mouthfuls of icky water is easy to accidentally suck in (so inhale slowly).


Here are 10 bubblers you can order in my pipe shop.

1. Swank – High-End Bubbler

Swank is an elegant standout. It’s heavy duty and really high quality.

10 best bubblers for sale online - swank

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2. Savage Wide Base Bubbler

Add a vibrant streak to your sesh.

best bubblers online savage bubbler

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3. Rainbow Bright Bubbler

Feeling bright? Try this tiny glass piece bubbler.

rainbow bright bubbler for sale


4. Little Duck Dabber

The Little Duck Dabber is delicate but really adorable.

This Little Duck Dabber is one of my favorite bubblers for sale in


5. Clear-Skies-Ahead Mini Piece

Clear-Skies-Ahead is a sweet mini bong/bubbler.

 translucent best bubbler


6. Jane West Bubbler in Cobalt Blue

Jane West’s gorgeous glass.

jane west bubbler

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7. Dauntless 

The Dauntless is a colorful glass bubbler.

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8. Blue Elephant

blue elephant bubblerBuy Now

9. The Provincial

The Provincial is constructed of high-end, ultra-classy, heady glass.

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10. Famous Brandz Snoop Dogg Pounds Starship Water Pipe

Or skip straight to a bigger piece with this Famous Brandz Snoop Dogg Pounds Starship Water Pipe.Buy Now

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