50+ Cannabis Gifts You Can Buy For Under $20 On Amazon


Buy cheap stoner gifts on Amazon. Here are 50+ of the best cannabis gifts. Each item is under $20! Shop the best gifts for stoners and weed accessories now.

50+ Cheap Cannabis Accessories

If you’re looking for cannabis gifts or weed accessories, Amazon sells plenty of perfect presents for pot lovers.

Amazon is like a stoner accessories shop.

When I first became a medical marijuana patient, and I started searching for the cannabis gifts or weed related stuff, I was surprised to find so many marijuana accessories right on Amazon. You just have to search.

Here’s some of the best weed stuff on Amazon.  Best of all, each of these stoner gifts cost $20 or less.

If you’re asking yourself, “Can I find stoner stuff on Amazon?”  The answer is Yes! (and lots of these cannabis gifts are prime eligible). Here are 50 weed-related accessories that cannabis users will love.

If you’re looking for a pretty feminine glass piece, check out Pretty Pipe Shop.  

Here are 50 weed-related accessories that cannabis users will love.

 This post contains Amazon affiliate links.  If you make a purchase, I may be paid a commission.


50 Stoner Gifts for Under $20 on Amazon.


1.  Mini Hookah

This 11″ Premium 1 Hose Mini Hookah is a quintessential stoner gift.  Buy this weed pipe on Amazon.

50+ of the best stoner gifts on Amazon

Buy Now


Looking for a weed pipe on Amazon? Check out these 25+ unique pieces.  Or grab one of these glass bubblers.


2. Arizona Stash Can

This Amazon Best Seller looks like an ordinary can of green tea but is a secret stoner gift with a hidden stash compartment.

Arizona Green Tea Diversion Safe Can Stash


50+ of the best stoner gifts on Amazon like this stash container

Buy Now

3.  Cloud/Ten Odor Proof Storage

This stoner accessory keeps your weed and glass protected.  Cloud/Ten Odor Proof Storage Case  for a Glass Pipe 

50+ stoner accessories on Amazon

Buy Now

4.  Pokeball Weed Grinder

Even before Pokemon Go,  Pokemon Weed Grinders were popular stoner accessories.

Pokemon Pokeball Pot Grinder

50+ Stoner Accessories like this pokemon grinder

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5. An Appropriate Pill Box

MyStache Stash Box

This little stoner accessory keeps cannabis tucked away in style.

50+ Stoner Accessories on Amazon Buy Now

6.    Raw Bundle

Love a weed smoker? Give them a collection of stoner stuff that everyone needs.

RAW Bundle -10 Item Sampler Set

Great Stoner Gifts on Amazon Buy Now

7. Glass Pipe Bubbler

 Glass pipe bubblers make perfect stoner gifts. Unfortunately, Amazon recently stopped selling many of its glass pieces. Check out our list of recommended alternatives – best pipes

Buy Now


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8. Herb Grinder & Pollen Presser Set

Weed grinders are popular in the category of cheap stoner stuff.

Formax420 Zinc Alloy Grinder & Pollen Presser Set

Buy cheap stoner gifts on Amazon. Here are 50+ of the best cannabis gifts. Each item is under $20! Shop the best gifts for stoners and weed accessories now.

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Learn about some of my favorite Marijuana Tools 

9.  Secret Watch Grinder

The perfect stoner gift for cannabis users who need to remain discreet, this watch has a hidden chamber.

2-in-one Watch with Secret Hidden Marijuana Grinder

stoner watches make great pothead gifts

 Buy Now

10. Canvas Storage Bag

Let the Good Vibes Roll and store your weed in this Odor Proof Smell Proof Canvas Bag.  It’s waterproof and features activated charcoal technology. It’s finds like these that make Amazon my favorite stoner accessory shop.

Stash bags - Best Stoner Stuff on Amazon

Buy Now

Looking for weed stash boxes?  Here are 20+ ways to securely store cannabis.

11. Glass Screens in the Shape of a Flower

Looking for pretty stoner stuff? Check out these Glass Flower/Daisy Screens.  These are great for anyone who smokes from a pipe.  They have excellent reviews and the price is fantastic making them one of the best weed accessories on Amazon.

50 Stoner Gifts on Amazon Under $20 Including these glass screens- Cool stoner stuff to buy.Buy Now


Marijuana gifts for those eager to display their pothead pride.

Looking for weed wear?  Read 25 Ways for Users to Wear their Cannabis Pride.

 If you’re seeking more cool stoner stuff to buy, you can find weed jewelry, weed t-shirts, MMJ-t-shirts, cannabis money clips, marijuana earings, and a ton of other weed accessories on Amazon. Here’re some of the best stoner accessories Amazon sells:

12. THC Molecule T-Shirt

Medical Marijuana THC Molecule T-Shirt

cool stoner stuff to buy



13.  Weed Socks

You can buy a surprising number of weed socks on Amazon.  Marijuana Weed Leaf Printed Cotton High Socks (5 Pairs)

Cool stoner stuff to buy - weed socksBuy Now


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14.  Marijuana Leaf Earrings

Sterling Silver Marijuana Leaf Earrings

Weed stuff on Amazon. Buy Now


15. A Reminder that Only Aficionados Tend to Recognize

THC Molecule Money Clip (Handmade)

Weed stuff on Amazon

Buy Now

16. Hat

Pretty Pothead Hat

Pothead GiftsBuy Now


For those who share their love of dope with only their most intimate partners.


17.  Marijuana Leaf Thong

Weed High-Quality Sexy Thong Underwear 

cool stoner stuff to buy

Buy Now


18.  Marijuana Leaf Boxers

Every cannabis lover needs a pair of cannabis underwear.

Weed Leaf Boxer Briefs

weed stuff on amazon Buy Now


19. Cozy Marijuana Boxer Shorts

Soft Cozy Weed Leaf Boxers

weed stuff on amazon

Buy Now


20.  Weed Leaf Pasties

Weed leaf pasties available in pink or green.  Amazon is like a stoner accessories shop.  Pastease Ganja – Marijuana Leaf Pasties

pothead accessories - pasties

Buy Now


21.  Silicone AshTray (Glass Safe)

A silicone ashtray with a glass safe tapping surface!!  Save those glass pieces with this Blue/Green Beamer Silicone Premium AshTray.

weed stuff on Amazon - silicone ashtrayBuy Now



22.  Lotus Blossom Printed Hinged Storage Box

Lotus Blossom Wood Hinged Stash Box (Multiple Designs Available)

Best weed stuff on Amazon like this Marijuana Lock Box

Buy Now



23.  Electronic Herb Grinder

This stoner gift eliminates the need to waste energy grinding cannabis by hand.

This Electronic Herb Grinder grinds your weed at the touch of a button.

Best Weed stuff on Amazon

 Buy Now

24.  Double Barrel Joint Holder

Why smoke only one joint when you can smoke two at once? If you need a stoner accessory for a heavy smoker, try this.

Double Barrel Wooden Cigarette HolderStoner Gadgets on AmazonBuy Now


25.  Glass Weed Pipe on Amazon??

Unfortunately, Amazon stopped selling most glass pieces. Instead, check out the Weed Pipes in my Pretty Pipe Shop. Pretty Pipe Shop carries a variety of beautiful glass spoons and bowls with several pieces for under $20. Glass bowls like this Puurfect Pipe make ideal gifts for stoners.

 Buy Now 

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26.  Essential Oil Diffuser

Not every stoner enjoys the lingering aroma of cannabis. One of the best stoner gifts is an Essential Oil Diffuser.

stoner stuff on amazon Buy Now



27.  Digital Scale

Know your dose and track exactly how much you’re using with this Digital Pocket Scale. Digital scales are one of the best weed accessories on Amazon.

Digital scales are one of the best weed accessories on Amazon.  


Buy Now


28. Bamboo Herb Container

Best weed items on Amazon: gifts for stoners bamboo container

Buy Now


29.  Smell Proof Bags

25 Smell Proof Bags  – Available in a variety of sizes. These smell proof bags are best sellers (practical items like these make really good gifts for potheads).

These smell proof bags are best sellers (practical items like these make really good gifts for potheads).

Buy Now


30.  Bamboo Charcoal Air Freshener

I have several of these.  These all natural air freshener/odor removers work unbelievably well.  Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifier 

Buy Now

31.  Shower in  a Cannabis Forest

Marijuana Weed Leaf Colorful Shower Curtain

Stoner Gifts on Amazon - Weed Shower CurtainBuy Now



32.  Secret Cannabis Storage

It looks like an ordinary dictionary, but it’s actually a stash box.  (Do people still own dictionaries?)  Trademark Home Dictionary Diversion Book Safe with Key Lock

Buy cheap stoner gifts on Amazon. Here are 50+ of the best cannabis gifts. Each item is under $20! Shop the best gifts for stoners and weed accessories now.Buy Now



33.  Stainless Steel Herb Storage

Airtight, Smell-Proof Storage Containers for Herb

Cool Stoner Stuff to Buy - Stash Jars

Buy Now



34.  THC Molecule Storage

THC Molecule Cannabis Storage Jar

50 Great Gifts for Stoners Including this THC Molecule Cannabis Storage JarBuy Now



35.  Large Weed Storage Jar

Dope Jar – One of a Kind Herb Storage Jar

50 Great Gifts for Stoners Including this Cannabis Storage JarBuy Now




36.  Glow in the Dark Pot Leaf Pieces

Glow in the Dark Marijuana Weed Pot Leaf Pieces

Cool Stoner Stuff to Buy

Buy Now

Here’s what I do with vaped weed

37. A Pot Pot-Holder

Pot – Pot Holder, Green Hemp Floral Cannabis Leaf

Best Weed Accessories on Amazon

Buy Now


38. Reefer Madness Sign

Funny Metal Sign

Best Weed Items on AmazonBuy Now


39.  Video Console Skins

Playstation Marijuana Skins

Pothead Accessories - Video Game Console


Buy Now


40.  Smoke Buddy

You exhale into this little contraption and it filters out the weed smell.  The Smokebuddy Personal Air Filter is available in a variety of colors.

pothead accessories - smoke buddy Buy Now



41.  Doob Tubes

Odor-Proof Waterproof, Storage Vials for Joints & Blunts – Set of 10

Cool Stoner Stuff to Buy - Blunt TubesBuy Now

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42.  Cannabis Coffee Cup

High Tide – Watercolor Marijuana Leaf Mug 

Stoner Gifts on Amazon - Marijuana Coffee mugBuy Now



43. Odor Eliminator Spray

Smoke Smell Be-Gone! Smoke & Odors Eliminator for Home, Office & Car. Natural Non-Aerosol Air Freshener

 Best Weed Stuff on Amazon - Smoke be gone

 Buy Now


44. Cannabis Cookie Cutters

No one will accidentally eat your pot cookies if they look like a pot leaf.

Marijuana Leaf Cookie Cutters – Stainless Steel – Set of 2

Stoner Accessories on Amazon

 Buy Now



45. Healing Salve

The Fay Farm’s Organic Healing Hemp Salve

Weed Accessories Amazon Hemp Salfe

 Buy Now


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 46. Learn how to drink your cannabis.

Cannabis Cocktails, Mocktails & Tonics: The Art of Drinking Spirited Drinks & Buzz-Worthy Libations 

Buy Now


47. Field Guide for the Curious

Check out my sidebar in this new book. 

essential cannabis book gift

Buy Now

48. Segway Into My New Life

Check out my friend Meg’s new book, Segway Into My New Life. And read about her journey with MS. 


49.  Cannabis Cooking

The Official High Times Cannabis Cookbook: More Than 50 Irresistible Recipes That Will Get You High


Buy Now


50. Death Star Herb Grinder

“Do or do not, there is no try.”

The ideal gift for Star Wars Stoners. Death Star Weed Grinder

Buy stoner gifts on Amazon. From basic cannabis essentials to WILD stoner accessories (think- pipes to racy underwear). Each marijuana gift is under $20!

Buy Now



51. Marijuana Leaf Zippo Lighter

Zippo Lighter Engraved with a Cannabis Leaf

pothead accessories - pot leaf lighter

Buy Now

52. Cannabis Canvas Bag

This heavy canvas carry bag features a fun pot leaf design.

Buy Now



52.  Peace Sign Weed Tshirt

This t-shirt features a peace sign made out of a marijuana leaf and is available in multiple colors.  It also comes in both men’s and women’s sizes.

stoner stuff - peace sign shirt

Buy Now


53. Elephant Pipe

Pink Elephant Pipe/Bubbler – Unfortunately, Amazon no longer sells these cute glass pieces, but you can find a similar one for sale in my pipe shop

Stoner Stuff - elephant bong

Buy Now

54. Poke-A-Bowl Ashtray

This last suggestion is a little over $20.00 but it’s functional and fun. Poke-A-Bowl Ashtray created this unique ashtray to “Clean Your ASH Hole”. 



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