Natural Crystal & Stone Pipes to Enhance Your Smoke Sesh

lapis lazuli natural pipe
Add a creative boost to your smoke sessions with Lapis Lazuli, the stone of creativity. It’s one of my personal favorites.

Natural Crystal & Stone Pipes

We know that in many ways, marijuana is similar to meditation, and using crystals for meditation is common, so don’t crystal pipes just make sense?

Personally I use crystals daily in my meditation practice. Crystal healing has a long history and  tradition teaching the unique benefits of each stone.

Some stones are said to enhance vibrancy and light a fire in your belly, while other stones are more demure and peace inducing. I don’t care if it’s placebo effect or not, because I find crystals beneficial and beautiful.

If you’re looking to give your next smoke sesh a magical boost, pick up the natural crystal pipe that speaks to you.

Here are some gorgeous stone pipes for sale in my shop,

Moonstone Labradorite Crystal Pipe

Benefits of Moonstone (Labradorite)

  • Labradorite Moonstone is the stone of transformation and self-discovery
  • enhances perseverance, determination, and strength
  • protects against negativity and misfortune
  • Facilitates communication and spiritual-reflection
  • Assists in Quests to discover destiny

moonstone natural crystal pipe 6

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Opal Pipe

Benefits of Opal

  • Opal is the stone of Happy Dreams
  • Fortifies Personal and professional relationships
  • Enhances self-confidence & self-determination
  • Powerfully associated with loyalty and faithfulness
  • Helps users recognize and accept their divine worth

crystal pipe - natural opal stone pipe 3

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Tiger Eye Pipe

Benefits of Tiger Eye

  • Tiger Eye is the stone of Optimism
  • Brings luck and prosperity
  • Enhances abundance
  • Protects against bad luck and curses
  • Lights the fire in your belly and propels you towards your dreams

tiger eye pipe

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Obsidian Natural Stone Pipe

Benefits of Obsidian

  • Obsidian is the stone of Truth
  • Cleans and Clears negative energy and emotional angst
  • Natural healer offering psychic protection
  • Offers stabilizing and grounding properties
  • Enhances clarity and focus
  • Cultivates integrity and intuition

obsidian pipe natural stone 3

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Natural Rose Quartz Stone Pipe

Benefits of Rose Quartz

  • Rose Quartz is the Love stone
  • Powerful influencer of the heart chakra
  • Known for relieving stress and enhancing compassion (both self-compassion and compassion for others)
  • Combats anger, jealousy, and regret
  • Offers calming and soothing properties
  • Ideal stone to ease grief or to soothe a broken heart

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Rainbow Fluorite Crystal Pipe

Benefits of Rainbow Fluorite

  • Rainbow Fluorite is the stone of Intuition
  • Rainbow fluorite protects and stabilizes
  • Enhances intuition and the spiritual connection
  • Clear psychic fog to increase mental clarity
  • Enhances concentration and organization
  • Helps break negative patterns and pursue structured success
  • Can aid the user in moving through denial & anger and into acceptance and honesty

rainbow fluorite crystal

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Natural Amethyst Stone Pipe

Benefits of Natural Amethyst

  • Natural Amethyst is a stone of Tranquility
  • Carries powerful healing energies, easing physical and mental suffering
  • Well-known for its balancing properties
  • Creates a serene environment
  • Enhances spiritual connection and the meditative state
  • Assists users in eliminating bad habits and creating good habits in their place

natural amethyst stone pipe

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Lapis Lazuli Natural Stone Pipe

Benefits of Lapis Lazuli

  • Lapis Lazuli is the stone of Creation & Manifestation
  • Manifests dreams
  • Boots creativity and imagination
  • Enhances intellectual ability
  • Stimulates memory and learning
  • Helps users speak their needs and desires into existence

lapis lazuli natural pipe

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