Meet Cannabis Nurse Janna Champagne, Founder of Integrated Holistic Care


Listen in as I chat with fellow cannabis nurse, Janna Champagne. Learn how she became a cannabis nurse and started Oregon’s nonprofit, Integrated Holistic Care. Watch as we chat about topics like cannabis for autism, and the one true contraindication to medical cannabis use, a genetic predisposition for schizophrenia.


Janna Champagne Bio

Janna Champagne is a cannabis nurse in Oregon, and founder of nonprofit Integrated Holistic Care, an organization with a mission to educate patients about alternatives to pharmaceuticals.

IHC offers patient consultation to assess individual considerations of cannabis therapy, with targeted care planning with the goal of improving medical cannabis therapy outcomes.


Here are the articles we discuss in the video:

Janna’s daughter’s cannabis/Autism story.

The rationale for genetically-guided cannabis therapy.


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Integrated Holistic Care

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