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Two weeks ago on the Bit by a Fox Podcast we did a deep dive into Japanese rice wine, Sake and this week’s show is a great follow up to that episode – we dive into Japanese spirit, Shochu.

Like Sake, Shochu is native to Japan, has a long and storied history over centuries, and uses koji, the same fermentation starter or mold that is used to make miso or soy sauce. But unlike sake, Shochu is a distilled spirit, is made from everything from sweet potatoes to barley to black sugarcane and, it outsells sake by 50%. It is also the national spirit of Japan but is still fairly unknown in the states.

Paul Nakayama wants to change all that. He and his wife recently started the small brand Nankai Shochu, inspired by a fateful night on their honeymoon in Japan a few years prior. I interviewed Paul at David Chang’s first west coast restaurant – at downtown LA’s majordomo – which turned out to be an important place when Nankai Shochu first launched. 

This week on the Bit by a Fox Podcast we take a deep dive into Japanese distilled spirit, Shochu with Paul Nakayama, founder of Nankai Shochu.

This week’s cocktail recipe is the Yuzu Pop aka Nankai Mule. 

Yuzu Pop
2 oz Nankai Shochu
4 oz Ginger Beer
Splash Yuzu Juice

In a rocks filled highball glass, add all ingredients and stir. 

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