History, Did You See It Live Or On Replay?

Neal Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin On The Surface Of The Moon | Photo by spacemodels.nuxit.netPhoto by NASA

The whole county and even the rest of the world has been caught up in the reminiscences of the summer of 1969. That was when history was made and man actually traveled all the way to the moon and left their footprints on the lunar surface and even stayed there for a while before firing the engine on the LEM to return to the Command Module and return safely home. If you are old enough to have experienced the liftoff, the orbiting, the moon landing, and then the first steps of humans off of our planet Earth onto the Lunar surface I’m sure you remember exactly where you were when you sat glued to your television set watching space history being made.

Jerry Sherwin Standing In The WGVA Radio Studio In Which I Worked | Photo by The Finger Lakes Times fltmes.com

For me, the blastoff was only seen on replay on TV because I had recently started my first job in broadcasting as a disk jockey at a small radio station WGVA in Geneva, New York in the Finger Lakes area (South Central part of Upstate New York). I was to formally take over the 6:00pm until 1:00 am shift on the Geneva rock station in August, but in July I was working part-time to get used to the job. After working at the station until 1:00 am and then driving the 50 miles back home to Rochester, New York I didn’t get to bed until near 3:00 am. which would have had me sound asleep when the Saturn 5 rocket left Earth 9:32 am Eastern Daylight Time Wednesday July 16, 1969 with the three courageous astronauts on their way to making history.

Neal Armstrong Taking First Step Off Of The LEM Ladder On The Moon | Photo by NASA through gizmodo.com

The lunar module or LEM, as it was called, landed at 4:17 pm Eastern Daylight Time on Sunday July 20, 1969. The first steps that Neil Armstrong made on the moon were amazing to witness. The walk took place at 10:17 PM Eastern Daylight Time that evening. As luck would have it my new job prevented me from watching that too, so I was unable to see those historic moments when they actually happened. I did however watch all of the replays I could find on television when I wasn’t working. Two firsts occurred within six hours – Humans landing on the Moon and then getting out and standing on the Lunar surface. Buzz Aldrin followed soon after and became the second man to stand on the dusty surface of the Moon.

SpaceX Falcon Heavy Launch
SpaceX Falcon Heavy Launch | Photo by New Scientist

Announcements have been made about the U.S proposed return to the Moon and vehicles such as Elon Musk’s SpaceX Falcon Heavy for which plans are already made to go the next step – Mars. Other countries such as Russia and China have ongoing programs to send more vehicles to land on the Moon and to even set up some sort of permanent base there. It has been said by many experts that returning to the moon is the next step needed in our future plans to send a manned mission to Mars. It will cost a lot of money and much work to accomplish this lofty goal, but the results could be eyeopening if we can find out more about the history of the Moon and then Mars. The result of these journeys could very well give us some answers to the actual condition of our Earth and what we may have to do to keep the planet healthy.

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