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We began publishing Lane County’s first dedicated Internet Newspaper in February of 2011 with the goal of offering an unbiased, community centric publication. We’ve come a long way, but we know it’s a long way to the top. One of our core goals was to be able to offer affordable, effective advertising opportunities that delivered the audience that local businesses like yours are looking for.

Your company offers products/services that could greatly benefit our readers and EDN can bring targeted LOCAL traffic to your website, a win/win situation. EDN is a Certified Google News Provider.

In today’s business climate, a one-size-fits all approach just doesn’t work. Contact us via the form below, or at sales@eugenedailynews.com or by phone at 541-414-3429 and we’ll put together the promotional program that will help you reach your business goals.

EDN offers more than traditional banner ads

Eugene Daily News Advertising Packages are designed to deliver the highest quality, most cost effective advertising options available anywhere for Lane County businesses. We run our own adservers and deliver more than 3 Million ads each month to Lane County readers.

Ad Packages and Rates

  • REACH Ads 
    These are run of site rotating ads. Standard Sizes are 300×250, 120×600, 970×30, 650×125 and 792×60. 
    Enhanced Sizes are Wallpaper, 300×600 and 600×972 Responsive (Mobile Friendly) Popups. 
    • Standard – $1200 annual, 750 Semi-Annually, $500 quarterly
    • Enhanced – $2000 annual, $1250 Semi-Annually, $1000 Quarterly
    • Ad Creation is free for Enhanced Campaigns, $300 for Standard Campaigns 
  • Page Sponsorships 
    Sports, Escape, Chuey’s Corner, Crime and Weed Julia pages are the current Sponsorable pages. 
    These include a Wallpaper ad, a Responsive (Mobile Friendly) Popup 600×962, a 300×300 ad, a 970x30ad and a 300×250 ad size. 
    Page sponsors are the only advertiser that will appear on sponsored pages. 
    • Annual Sponsorship: $1200
    • Semi-Annual Sponsorship: $750
    • Quarterly Sponsorship: $500
    • Click Based Sponsorship: $1.00 per click 
      These are pre-paid sponsorships and duration is based on click-thru quantities. 
  • Story Sponsorships 
    Columns, Features, Arrest Records – any story published on EDN can be sponsored by content type, author, publication date, or other criteria as specified by the Advertiser. 
    All published stories remain live on EDN and sponsorships remain with the story as long as the campaign subscription is active. 
    Sponsorships include Wallpaper, 970×30, 300×250, 300×600 and 600×962 Pop-Ups. 
    • Single Story Sponsorship: $300 These sponsorships run for 45 days.
    • Subscription Sponsorship: $150 sponsorship, $50 per month subscription.
    • Subscription sponsorships can be terminated at any time after 90 days. 
  • Click Based 
    Click based advertising means you pay for only the readers that click through to your landing page or website.Our ad servers feature sophisticated click-fraud technology that prevents artificial or duplicate participation in your ad campaigns. Further, we block all EDN staff IP Addresses (which are updated continuously) from registering as impressions, or click-thru’s on your ads. 
    Unlike bid based programs like Adwords or Facebook Ads, we offer a flat rate for click thru’s and rotate ads equally among all Click Based advertisers. REACH Ads and Sponsorships get a higher priority rotation, but with 36 Million plus ads served each year, you will have no shortage of views for your ads. 
    Our standard ads click thru at approximately the same rate as internet ads nationwide (approx. 0.05%) while our Wallpaper ads click through around 3% to 5% and our 600×962 pop-ups click through at 7.5%. 
    Clicks are as low as $0.35 (Industry wide average is $1.47). Options: 
    • Monthly Billed with impression limiting 
      This requires a paypal account or credit card and will bill automatically at the end of each month. Impressions can be limited per day or by Campaign.
    • Budgeted Pre-Paid with impression limiting 
      Budget based click through duration is handled via daily impression limiting and when needed, internal priority settings. This lets your ads run through your budget as quick as possible, as slowly as possible, or someplace in between.
    • Budgeted Click Campaigns have a minimum budget of $350. 
      All Budgeted Click Campaigns are pre-paid via credit card or paypal. 
  • Ad Creation 
    Not everybody has an internal art department, we have a number of gifted graphic artists to assist with your ad campaign content creation. We create camera ready digital ads that are yours to use as you like. 
    Consultation, Content and Graphic Arts 
    • $75.00 per hour Ad Creation from your logos and art assets
    • $300 for a full suite of sizes including wallpapers
    • $100 per size a-la-cart.

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Advertising Information

  • Payments are accepted via PayPal.com.
  • You can supply your own banners, or we can create them for you.
  • Sorry, no Animated banners.
  • We reserve the right to reject ads we deem unacceptable.
  • Prices may change at any time.
  • Ads are non-refundable unless you contact sales@eugenedailynews.com before your ad has run.
  • All ads adhere to Google’s Guidelines and is assigned a No-Follow attribute.

Eugene Daily News reserves the right to reject ads/images it deems inappropriate, we do not accept ads displaying nudity, violence or illegal activity.

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