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We began publishing Lane County’s first dedicated Internet Newspaper in February of 2011 with the goal of offering an unbiased, community centric publication. We’ve come a long way, but we know it’s a long way to the top. One of our core goals was to be able to offer affordable, effective advertising opportunities that delivered the audience that local businesses like yours are looking for.

Your company offers products/services that could greatly benefit our readers and EDN can bring targeted LOCAL traffic to your website, a win/win situation. EDN is a Certified Google News Provider. Here’s what Quantcast has to say about our readership:

Your Customers are looking for you.

In today’s business climate, a one-size-fits all approach just doesn’t work. Contact us via the form below, or at sales@eugenedailynews.com or by phone at 541-414-3429 and we’ll put together the promotional program that will help you reach your business goals.

EDN offers more than traditional branding and point of presence ads (banners)



Broadcasting on Youtube, EDN, a growing family of independent stations. Video gives you an exceptionally effective format for telling your business story. Ask us how a campaign including VIDEO, particularly microformats can help you. 

About: EDN Media Services understands exactly how to do that. Our staff is experienced in the television, production and movie industry. Our highly skilled videographers will create the pictures and sound needed to keep the attention of your audience. Our talent pool includes award winning storytellers including identifiable, local TV News personalities. Let us tell your story and no one will tell it better.

Native Advertising

An increasingly effective way to tell your story, without falling back on traditional in-your-face product marketing. No “Make the Logo Bigger” approach. From global corporations, to a one person neighborhood business, native advertising is a proven way to include your business in the community dialog, and increase your customers awareness of your business values, ethics, and offerings.

We focus on the discoverability for customer content and stories on EDN in a manner that is consistent with how our community stories are discovered and read on our site: it fits in naturally with what we already do. Ask us how we can put Native Advertising to work for you.  

FASTCOMPANY: Native ads fit organically and seamlessly into the environment where they are served. They are less disruptive and generally more user friendly and therefore more successful in achieving increased user engagement. A recent Celtra study shows that engagement rates on native ads are twice the rate of standard ads.

Native advertisers reap the real reward following initial user interaction. When designed and built as rich media ads, native ads consistently outperform standard ads across all engagement metrics. Ad engagement rates, for example, are 39.1%–more than three times higher–and video completion rates are nearly twice as high as those in standard rich-media ads.

Intent Takeovers

When you are reaching out to potential new customers, or looking to re-engage existing customers, you know that there are specific types of content that attract their attention. They could be sports lovers, or avid readers, film fanatics or foodies. What’s important is putting your message where they will be exposed to it, see it, interact with it. EDN has intent takeover opportunities to match your customer demographics – ask us what we currently have available that will work for you.

Effective companies are doing something non-normal when it comes to marketing. Specifically they are re-thinking four key success factors that make will make any business successful in the future:

1. Customer acquisition
2. Moving from shouting to providing value (native advertising)
3. Re-imagining what it means to get access to customer data and
4. Behavior/intent targeting!


These are an effective awareness tool, much like the yellow pages used to be 15 years ago. At $1.36 a day putting you in front of a motivated and decidedly local audience; no business can afford to skip it. Want more information?

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  • Payments are accepted via PayPal.com.
  • You can supply your own banners, or we can create them for you.
  • Sorry, no Animated banners.
  • We reserve the right to reject ads we deem unacceptable.
  • Prices may change at any time.
  • Ads are non-refundable unless you contact sales@eugenedailynews.com before your ad has run.
  • All ads adhere to Google’s Guidelines and is assigned a No-Follow attribute.

Eugene Daily News reserves the right to reject ads/images it deems inappropriate, we do not accept ads displaying nudity, violence or illegal activity.

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