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Dante Zúñiga-West is an Afro-Latino writer and outdoorsman known to some as “The Backwoods Blaxican.” He escaped Los Angeles and now makes his home in Oregon. His fiction has been published in various literary journals. His novel Rumble Young Man Rumble: How I Fought to Stay Alive is awaiting publication in 2014, on Black Coffee Press. For more adventures, check out his weekly column at or follow him on twitter @BackwoodsBlaxi
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Late Season Cross-Country Skiing for First-Timers

Spring is officially here and the season openers are fast approaching for Oregon’s outdoorsy types. Soon bear hunters will be in the woods, gobbler guns will be loaded, and fresh-caught trout will be what’s for dinner … soon, but not quite yet. While you’re waiting for the excruciating countdown to finally end, there’s still time to get in a last-minute trip to the snow. Keep Reading

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