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Banning GMO’s: The New Civil Rights Movement

As the fight over genetically modified canola and other GM crops escalates in the Willamette Valley, a group of farmers and neighbors in Benton County have spent the past year talking about how to stop GMO’s. They’ve asked the question that people across the country ask when faced with corporate threats – such as GMO’s, fracking, or water privatization – how do we say no? Keep Reading

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Safe Legally Entitled Emergency Places to Sleep

We don’t really think about lying down as anything but a God-given right. Anytime we feel like resting horizontally, we do it! We fall onto our couches, our beds, and relax. In public, however, the norm is that we don’t do that. Rarely is anyone seen completely lying down in public and if they are, they must be homeless. And here it is, the potent label that cuts distinction between those that lie down outside, and everybody else. Homeless. Keep Reading

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