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Parking Problems in Downtown Eugene

Parking in downtown Eugene is something that is starting to become more of an issue as more and more people start to complain about a lack of available spaces and the price increase occurring at the meters. Jeff Petry explains that the parking rate increase will help to provide better services for Eugene residents. Keep Reading

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Music of the Eugene Holiday Market

The Eugene Holiday Market, lasting from mid-November until Christmas, is a great place for everybody to continue the Eugene Saturday Market tradition when the weather turns cold. Helping to keep you warm during the Holiday season are a multiplicity of bands that showcase their talents at the Holiday Market. Keep Reading

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Bier Stein Makes a Move

The Bier Stein, one of Eugene's havens for a top European and world beer selection, will be relocating to the old Midtown Restaurant and Coffeehouse on Willamette Street in late February/early March. The move will facilitate a needed expansion as The Bier Stein continues to grow. Keep Reading

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Homeless Youth Becoming a Big Issue

Teenage homelessness is an increasingly hot issue that communities must take into account as an unfortunate reality. Looking Glass and New Roads, programs for teenage homelessness in Eugene, are doing everything they can to help youth develop into respected and successful adults while giving them safe shelter. Keep Reading

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Foster Care Rates on the Rise

The rate of children in the foster care system has been increasing since the recession of 2008. Faced with a growing rise in the population of children in foster care homes, multiple organizations in Eugene have had to address the concerns of children who are in need. Keep Reading

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ASUO Seeks to Expand Shuttle Service

ASUO provides a number of services that are geared towards protecting students and giving them safe options at times of the day when they could face danger. One of the services, the assault prevention student shuttle, will be looking to expand due to an increase in the number of student users. Keep Reading

Thaddeus Moore, Founder of Sprout City Studios
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The Man Behind Sprout City Studios

Sprout City Studios, once a place that Thaddeus Moore supported through other day jobs, is now one of the best audio engineering studios in the region. Applying a hard work ethic and risking everything to get it going, Moore has taken Sprout City Studios to an entirely different level. Keep Reading

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