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City manager rejects raise

Citing tough budget times, Eugene City Manager Jon Ruiz on Wednesday turned down a $8,693 pay raise from the City Council. Ruiz, along with other city employees, will still collect a 2.05 percent cost-of-living pay raise. That adjustment will bring Rui... Keep Reading

New Civic search

New Eugene School Superintendent Sheldon Berman next month will look for someone to rent shuttered Civic Stadium. That’s considered good news by the two groups wanting to redevelop the historic property. Read more in Wednesday’s Register-Guard. Keep Reading

Counciors to debate tax breaks

The Eugene City Council appears willing to continue property tax breaks for downtown apartments, but residents can expect a vigorous debate on the wisdom of keeping the incentives in the apartment-dense neighborhood near the University of Oregon. The c... Keep Reading

It looks like we are going to get that break in the weather. Let’s see how long it lasts this time.

______________ Here is my weekly weather quiz question. Who worked on mathematical models for weather prediction providing the basis for the first successful numerical (computer) forecasting models? He is also credited with predicting the existence of jet streams and developing the main theories describing their behavior. Please remember to post your answer as a comment [...] Keep Reading

Semi-Truck Makes A Slow Fall

By Sonia Talati   DEXTER, Ore. -- An overweight semi-truck rolled over on Highway 58, but it was its weight that saved it.  Troopers say the truck was too heavy, and made a slow and steady fall as it tried to back up into a dirt road to make a u-turn... Keep Reading

Wine Crop Continues to Make Up Ground

PORTLAND, Ore. -- According to the Oregon Wine Board, the wine crop across the state is making good progress.    Crops had a late blooming time across the entire state, with some areas a week or two behind schedule.  Wine growers in the Willamette ... Keep Reading

EPD to Use New Missing Child Program

EUGENE, Ore. -- The Eugene Police Department (EPD) is going high tech when it comes to searching for missing people.  EPD has contracted with the "A Child is Missing Alert Program" (ACIM) to search for locally missing children, elderly people, and col... Keep Reading

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