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Civic lease negotiations to start

Civic Stadium fans or those who have followed the protracted community debate about the historic venue, may have to wait up to another year to learn the fate of the old ballpark with an uncertain future. In his first public remarks about the Eugene Sch... Keep Reading

Biker Discovers ATM in Creek

A man found an ATM under a bridge in South Eugene.  Ricky Dobbins says he lives in Fox Hollow and hikes in the woods frequently during the summer months.  But Wednesday, he found an ATM which appeared to be torn open... Keep Reading

Don’t look for any major changes in the weather pattern except for the continued warming up for a few days, a bit cooler, then back to slow warming. So far no hot Summer days.

_______________ Here is my weekly weather quiz question. There is a way of determining local wind speeds without the use of any meteorological instruments. What is it called and who devised it? Please remember to post your answer as a comment by clicking on “no comments /comments” in the upper right hand portion of this [...] Keep Reading

Man with gun robs south Eugene drugstore

A man armed with a gun robbed a south Eugene drugstore of cash on Tuesday evening, police said. Officers searched for the robber following the 6:45 p.m. heist at a Rite Aid store at 57 W. 29th Ave., but did not locate him. Police said the robber stole ... Keep Reading

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