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Offender programs under the budget ax

A divided public safety advisory council will recommend today that Lane County slash by more than half the community corrections dollars it spends on drug and alcohol treatment, on mental health and sex offender treatment, and on housing and other tran... Keep Reading

Education package approved

SALEM — After a one-day stall, the state Legislature got rolling again Tuesday on a 14-bill package that contains a wide variety of reforms for the state’s public education system. All the reforms — which include Gov. John Kitzhaber’s plan to c... Keep Reading

U.S. mayors adopt Piercy’s resolution

Eugene Mayor Kitty Piercy was a no-show this week when the U.S. Conference of Mayors gathered in Baltimore to vote on an anti-war resolution — in which the lead sponsor was Mayor Kitty Piercy. But, in a way, that was the point. “Our city has had to... Keep Reading

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