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Off the Waffle Moves to Downtown

Off the Waffle, an authentic Belgium liege wafflehouse that was started in 2009 by brothers Oman and Dave Orian, recently moved into a more centralized location in downtown Eugene at 840 Willamette Street. The move increased the capacity of the business to facilitate more customers while allowing Off the Waffle to stay true to their local and organic message. Keep Reading

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Vinyl and CD Stores Stay Viable

Vinyl and CD's have been claimed to be a dying form of art by many of those people who are devoted to downloading mp3's and their iPods. However, for those who know the music industry and business, vinyl and CD's are still a viable option for purchasing new and old music. Keep Reading

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Photo Essay: A Eugenean in Cambodia

Today Cambodia struggles with many issues, many of which the people I spoke with attribute to the Khmer Rouge, the subsequent Vietnam occupation, and results of instability over the past forty years. At the same time, people smile a lot. Kids ask if you listen to Justin Bieber, and yell hello from their stilted homes as you float by on the Mekong River. Keep Reading

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