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Valentine dessert: Double Trouble!

It was 24 hours before Valentine’s Day a few years ago, and I had this vision: What if I layered my chocolate truffle sauce over a rich and buttery hazelnut crust, then smeared on an extra chocolate glaze? How would that turn out, I wondered? Keep Reading

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Bring out the pleasure of cooking

I have this love-hate thing going with the task of day-in and day-out cooking — which any seasoned cook will tell you, is an entirely different animal than that carefree-and-cookin’-cuz-I-wanna style of cooking. Sometimes it takes a little extra effort... Keep Reading

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Add vibrancy to the kitchen

When the Cooking Fresh Revolution picked up steam in the 1980s, the first casualties of war were canned peas and spinach. At least in my kitchen. Family taste buds had become far too pampered to put up with vegetables that were less than produce-counte... Keep Reading

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Sweetheart tarts: Express love with a home-cooked meal

Before I get to the sweet treats of Valentine’s Day, let’s consider its savory side. As in gooey mounds of cheese, golden caramelized onions, and smokey bacon, cloaked in creamy custard. That’s right, quiche. Or, in honor of today’s theme, a Sweetheart... Keep Reading

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