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Here’s What Full-Spectrum Cannabis Is And Why It’s So Important.

Whole Plant Medicine vs Isolate Not all cannabis is equal. Once you begin to explore cannabis as a medicine, you frequently hear the terms like, “whole-plant medicine” or “full-spectrum cannabis”. What is whole plant medicine? What does full-spectrum cannabis mean? And why is it important? The terms “whole-plant” and “full-spectrum” are synonyms and are thus […] More Keep Reading

Meet Tracy Ryan: “Ricki Lake brought me weed and it’s a good thing she did!”

Discussing Pediatric Cannabis Tracy Ryan is an overall cannabis wonder-woman. Most poignant is the story of how cannabis preserved her young daughter’s life in the battle with childhood cancer. Tracy is the founder & CEO of CannaKids, the CEO of CK Sciences, and the founder of Her family’s story is featured in the illuminating […] More Keep Reading

Meet Cannabis Nurse Janna Champagne, Founder of Integrated Holistic Care

Listen in as I chat with fellow cannabis nurse, Janna Champagne. Learn how she became a cannabis nurse and started Oregon’s nonprofit, Integrated Holistic Care. Watch as we chat about topics like cannabis for autism, and the one true contraindication to medical cannabis use, a genetic predisposition for schizophrenia.   Janna Champagne Bio Janna Champagne […] More Keep Reading

Patients Are the Proof, Episode 4 – Cannabis for Epilepsy with Nina Simmons

Traditional Pharmaceuticals Don’t Work for 30-40% of Epilepsy Patients Epilepsy is a neurological disease that affects over 50 million people around the world. According to research published in 2014, 30-40% of patients suffering from epilepsy, do not respond to conventional pharmaceuticals. Fortunately, cannabis can help many of these patients. Patients are the Proof, Episode 4 – Cannabis for Epilepsy […] More Keep Reading

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