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Kevin enjoys traveling, playing outside, reading, and writing. Alice in Chains is his favorite band. He is an Eagle Scout. He grew up in Beaverton.
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What Are You Afraid Of?

Happy Halloween from the EDN family to all our readers. Halloween is the one time of the year when fears are celebrated, and people actively seek out the thrill of being shocked and horrified. On Halloween, EDN asked people around Eugene what they're scared of: Keep Reading

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The Book Monster #17 (Relaunch)

For those who have never visited my column before I would like to welcome you and invite you to keep coming back. I also invite you to read some of my old columns. The Book Monster discusses books, publishing news, authors, literature in pop culture, and anything else that has to do with books. Feel free to comment with Facebook. Keep Reading

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The Book Monster Vol. 14

I've been traveling a lot lately and that means I've been reading a lot on Airplanes. I came prepared for all my flights with books and magazines, but I still found time to read the ridiculous and amusing Skymall catalog and after browsing through it a few times I have set my heart on these book ends. Keep Reading

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The Book Monster Vol. 13

Not being able to find this book makes me feel like it died; and books shouldn't ever die. This digital age we live in has brought us unlimited access to books in both digital and hardcopy; however, It seems like "101 Shaggy Dog Jokes" slipped through the cracks. Keep Reading

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