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Youth Grow Day Camp

More and more these days it seems that kids, especially teenagers, lack any sense of work ethic at all. With Super Sweet 16 parties, brand new cars, phones, trips and clothes all handed out without nothing more than an “I want.” Keep Reading

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Recycling the Planet, one bulb at a time.

Recently, my 4th grader brought home a report from school about saving energy. It talked at length about the benefits of switching from incandescent to fluorescent lighting. I remember seeing some articles awhile ago about fluorescent bulb recycling in Eugene/Springfield, but hadn't thought much about it since. That is, until now. Keep Reading

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Good Karma AND a Frog Suit

Henry David Thoreau once said “Wealth is the ability to fully experience life”. I find this interesting coming from a man who wrote a book about simple living and embracing your surroundings. Wealth may open more doors, but I think embracing your surroundings and your community is fully experiencing life…..and Spring is the perfect time to do it! Keep Reading

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Sorting the Yellow from the Green

When I became a Duck in the mid- 90's, I couldn't wait to be part of the campus culture. To spread my wings, wear my green and yellow and embrace all that the University of Oregon had to offer. It quickly became apparent, that what the University had to offer me was very different than what it offered to its student athletes. From living situations to treatment in class and on campus, it was clear that we all didn't wear the same green and yellow. Recently, students at the U of O have been voicing their own concerns over what seems to be, the university's preferential treatment of its student athletes. It doesn't appear that much has changed since I was on campus. So I decided to do some research. Keep Reading

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No Pot of Gold Needed

Tomorrow, a large majority of Eugene will be wearing green of a different kind. Celebrated on March 17th internationally, Saint Patrick’s Day is a holiday commonly known for shamrocks, leprechaun’s and green beer. So much so that it is in fact one of the leading days for alcohol consumption in the United States. Keep Reading

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