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Grant Madden

Grant Madden

Australian born author Grant Madden, achieved National and State Sailing honors while still in high school, before going on to win a record 7 State Titles. In 2005 he immigrated to the United States. He has been published in a number of international magazines, and within the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. He writes exclusively for the Eugene Daily News in Oregon.

Viewpoint: Go Set A Watchman

Widower Atticus Finch

A review of Harper Lee’s Go Set A Watchman.

Protect Your Pet During 4th of July

Protect your pet

Protect your pet during 4th of July celebrations by following four simple measures.

Outback Steakhouse Embarrassed by Australia Day Promotion.

The National Flag of Australia

Restaurant chain Outback Steakhouses embarrasses itself on an Australia Day promotion featuring the flag of another nation. The chain, shunned by Australians as not representative of the nation’s food, blocks users on Twitter outraged at the company.

Australia Post Moves Into Oregon

Twenty four million Australians have just received a new delivery address, in Oregon.

Geocaching in Eugene

Geocaching is the outdoor adventure that combines satellite technology with treasure hunting. Eugene Daily News writer Grant Madden spends Sunday morning in Skinner Butte Park, hunting down his next finds.

Ghost Experience at The Campbell House

Ghost experiences are normal in the City of Eugene. Eugene Daily News writer Grant Madden recounts a weekend at the Campbell House where unexplained events occur.

Christmas In Queensland

7000 miles away from Eugene lays the Australian state of Queensland where there is no snow, and Santa surfs.

Don’t Lose Your Pet This 4th of July

The single largest day of the year for lost pets, is the Fifth of July. Following a nationwide celebration of independence and fireworks, shelters will be inundated on July 5th with lost pets.

Triangle Lake Investigation Continues

Triangle Lake, named in the 1900’s after its unusual three-sided shape, has become the focus of a drawn-out investigation due to public health concerns. On March 2012, the investigation was suddenly halted. Residents continue to complain of health disorders.

Fuel Price Rise – Blame It On Corn

Fuel prices are set to jump this weekend and the culprit for it may be your food.

What Can Brown Do for UO at Christmas?

The UPS Store at the University of Oregon fills a student niche market.

When Their Credit Outranks Your Cash

What happens when you can’t access available credit because you paid your bills on time? You want to hope it’s not a long weekend or your car might be sitting in the garage until next week.

LTD – Transiting Eugene in Reverse

The Lane Transit District is under fire after the severing of a government subsidized program of free bus passes to middle and high schoolers. With the end of the program LTD estimates it will loose almost half a million riders.

Health Advisory Still in Effect for Cougar Lake

Thinking of getting out of town this next weekend?  Cougar lake is still currently at risk for toxic algae blooms. High levels of blue green algae have prompted a warning to be issued by the Oregon Department of Public Health and the Lane County Health Department for Cougar Lake, north east of Eugene on Highway […]

The Cost of Higher Ed.

The cost of higher education has become expensive enough to raise the question of value; does the financial gain of a tertiary education still outweigh the expense?

LTD Kincaid St. Upgrade

The Lane County Transit District (LTD) has scheduled works to upgrade a section of the Kincaid Street transit facilities for the University of Oregon. Construction is anticipated to commence 14 June 2011, during the summer break for students, with a proposed date of completion of 16 September 2011, operating in time for the new academic year. The […]

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