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R.L. Stollar writes the Local Nation segment at EDN. He has a B.A. in Western philosophy and literature from Gutenberg College in Oregon and a M.A. in Eastern religions from St. John’s College in New Mexico. Follow him on WordPress (, Twitter, (@RLStollar), or Facebook (
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Eugene Does the Harlem Shake

The viral "Harlem Shake" dance craze has officially hit Eugene. University of Oregon students have been caught Harlem Shakin' with Puddles at the EMU, in front of minivans on Ferry Street, and amongst architecture majors. Oregon State and Benny Beaver have issued an official response. Keep Reading

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Christopher Dorner and the Monsters in Our Heads

Trying to understand what happens to people like Christopher Dorner seems more effective in preventing future acts of violence than just saying, "Another crazy monster!" and moving on to the next action-packed news phenomenon. Dorner was not the new Batman, neither was he the new Joker. He was a human being who made the wrong decision based on being wronged. Keep Reading

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Monster’s Blood: A Halloween Cocktail

In honor of Halloween, I present to you a blood-red concoction that is strong, sweet, and sure to please you and your fellow party-goers. It makes for a mighty fine martini, tastes smooth on the rocks, or can be pumped up with a lemon-lime soda to make a big bowl of punch. And did I mention it is blood-red? Keep Reading

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Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Take on Swoosh City

Seattle superstars Macklemore & Ryan Lewis perform a sold-out show at the McDonald Theatre on October 20. The group takes a genre known for bling, women, and cars and transforms it into rhymes advocating same-sex marriage, fighting addiction to oxycontin, and claiming Nike's Phil Knight promotes consumerism. Keep Reading

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