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Rachel Jensen

Rachel Jensen

Rachel Jensen is a tracktown native and running enthustiast. After getting two years of collegiate running under her belt at Lane Community College, she decided to stay in Eugene to pursue a degree in Public Relations at the University of Oregon.

Adventure Run #1: Camp Creek Road

EDN running expert Rachel Jensen discusses the necessity of adventure runs to spice up the love/hate running relationship.

Illness, Injuries, and Adapting Your Training Accordingly

You have to know your body and what it can handle. Know if you’re able to run or if you need to rest.

Rainy Day Running: The winter weather has got to be taken in stride.

With the winter weather coming, your running routine may take a drop. But don’t let it! Be prepared.

Running Buddies: The Importance of Training Partners

It’s hard to stay motivated by yourself, adding a running partner to your routine can make all the difference.

When Running Gives You Woes: How to Get Over a Bad Race

A bad race is a lot like a fight in a relationship: it hurts and makes you fell bad about yourself. But how do you bounce back after a bad race with a good time?

Life of a Runner: Love vs. Hate Relationship

Running, while a passion, has it’s irritations. There’s no better way to say than to call it what it is: a love/hate relationship.

A Heads-Up on an Awesome Community Race

EDN’s very own running expert, Rachel Jensen, will be competing in the 2012 Nick Symmonds Springfield 800, which benefits Big Brother, Big Sister of Lane County.

Hills, An Acquired Taste

Hills are an acquired taste, and sometimes you’ve got to pretend you like them before you can actually like them. A friend whom I ran with in high school loved hills, and would drag me around the ridgeline trail system which, I was convinced, was hell in Eugene.

Life on the Run: Meet Rachel Jensen (Q&A)

EDN’s Rachel Jensen brings you into the center of Track Town USA with her new column. Here we sit down with Rachel for a little introductory Q&A.

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