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Stephen Rodgers, Laura Wayte & Michael Seregow in Eugene on te%

Elephant Revival Invades Eugene


From a small town in Colorado comes a big sound.

Meeting MAKANA (A Lesson in Tradition)

2016 Makana

What is  “Slack Key Guitar”? Hawaiian music is for hula dancing and luaus, right? Makana is so far from that analogy it is difficult  to describe.  Talking to Makana he told me that he has played traditional slack key guitar from childhood.  His first teacher was a true traditionalist, Bobbie Moderow, and he lead him to Sonny Chillington who was […]

Yes, You Can Play For Free


How to Play Quality Casino Games Online for Free Have you ever tried MyVegas? Or DoubleDown, or Zynga Casino, Big Fish or any other similar games? I have, and I have to say that they annoy the hell out of me. The games themselves are OK (although I could use much more variety), but that […]

Rocking the Weekend


I Love Rock-N-Roll!

Black Powder County Explodes!


“Black Powder County” EXPLOSION NOISE!!!

Talk About Rock


Rocking and Rolling

‘Jaws’ 40th Anniversary Review

Jaws cast-Universal Pictures

‘Jaws’ 40th Anniversary Review

What’s up this Weekend?

Cliff and Kevin

The weekend Rocks!

Where, When, What’s Happening?


What’s up this Weekend?

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